Monday, November 3, 2008

Ethan's Birthday Party!

Does my son not look like Hugh Hefner? Grandma and Grandpa Blackburn got him the PJ's and Aunt Anjali and Uncle Matt got him the slippers. He loves the slippers so much he never wants to take them off!
Uncle Matt with Ethan and his new slippers

Blowing out the candles. Don't look at me, Ethan was really the one to blow them out!

Ethan's Elmo cake. When we were growing up my mother made our cakes. We never got the store bought one! My mother put so much work and time into our cakes, that I now can appreciate! I have decided to carry on this tradition. Last year Ethan had a Pirate cake, Elmo was much easier!


Heidi said...

I feel bad...I don't check my mail very often and I didn't see your invite until it was too late!! Looks like a cute little party you had! What a cute little stud in his silk jammies!!!

Get Hooked said...

I didn't see the Pirate cake, but I'm Elmo is very impressive!

tiffunny said...

Cute. I too try & make a "real" cake for my kids each year & it totally makes you appreciate what our mothers did for us. But they're so much better than the store bought ones!!