Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The mother of a GIRL?

Honestly when I found out I was going to have a girl, I was not that excited! But the more girlie stuff that we got the more excited I got! I love dressing her in cute girlie stuff! Sunday she wore this dress and these leg warmers and don't forget the headband! Chris is so funny when he picks her clothes out. Even picking out her pj's takes him a while. He'll come down stairs with a few options because they were all so cute he couldn't make up his mind! I must admit I do love dressing our little girl, I'm just not looking forward to doing her hair some day! :)


Get Hooked said...

I tell you, the hair totally depends on the girl. Alyssa will sit still and let me take as long as I want/need. I can pull a ton of hair out combing her rats nest and she barely wimpers. Krysta on the other hand from the first day I put a pony tail in she screams. I now believe in tender heads because of Krysta. She won't even let me run my fingers through her hair. It is a daily battle with her to get her hair done.

Girls are a lot of fun to dress. Enjoy it now while you get to choose what she wears. Give her a year or so and she will come up with her own since of style.

Heidi said...

So true Ruthann!! Enjoy the dressing them up now because in my experience it does NOT last past 1 year old. Unfortunately for me...Allie has TONS of cute clothes and shoes she won't wear...she looks like a ragamuffin most of the time. =(

tiffunny said...

I used to think i wanted mostly boys too. I'm sure glad i got a bunch of girls too (oh and 1 boy). They are way too fun to dress up & doll up at this age. Even for non-girly-girl people. The hair part does suck sometimes, but not as much as I would have thought.