Friday, November 21, 2008

Flash Back Friday-The Days Before Kids!

Oh the days before kids! This is a picture of Chris and I at a work event. Don't do many of those any more. Before kids I could stay at work as late as I needed to without feeling bad about having someone watch my kids for too long. I could go to work events without really planning ahead of time. I didn't have to be home at 7 each night, or on a good day 8! I could do my hair nicely every morning and still be on time! But before kids I didn't have an excuse why my house was a mess, my hair wasn't done or why I have to leave work early! Oh Kids, aren't they great??


Blackett's Blog said...

hey Hil this is me and i will invite you to my blog. Ah the days before kids...Its funny but I can't really remember it anymore. I do miss the spontaneous dates or trips but I think back and think "life must of been boring without our kids". It seems like they are the entertainment for us and really can you get any better entertainment than a 3year old and 1 year old boy playing and teasing each other. Love it. My email is

tiffunny said...

Yes sometimes i miss being able to do things more spur of the moment - or rather do anything at all. Dates are pretty much non-existant these days, but the times we are by ourselves i do find myself missing the chaos of kids!!

PS - oh and it is nice that we can blame lots of things on them too!!