Monday, November 3, 2008

The Bigger Katelee

Katelee and Ethan had a Dr. apt on Thursday! The Dr. has been worried about Kateelee and her weight! Our Dr. really likes Fat babies, and Katelee just wasn't keeping up with the 1/2 oz. a day! Apparently she wansn't getting enough when she nursed becasue she is a lazy eater, or as the consultant calls it a "gourmet" eater. So she now gets bottles and is forced to eat. Well it paid off because she is nearly 9lbs! She gained over a pound in two weeks and grew a 1/2 inch. I was so happy that she is gaining weight. Her cheeks are getting bigger and that makes me very happy! She is now what Ethan was when he was born!


Heidi said...

Yeah...chubby babies are the best!!!

tiffunny said...

Good for Katelee. I know Ethan started out big, but didn't he have problems gaining weight at first too or am i getting him confused with a different baby?

Steph said...

Chubby babies are the best. I had 4 of them. Clark was never really chunky. Always long and lean. Didnt take after his mother on that. Im glad Katelee is finally growing. I still have Ethans birthday present. I'll drop it by your mom's this week sometime. Larry and I havent been on a date in a very long time either, but its ok, im enjoying the kids alot more and we are always together. Glad life is finally getting back to normal. love ya