Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First day of School 2014-2015 School Year

One of my stipulations with moving was that it had to be during the summer break so that we didn't have to move the kids from school during the school year.  When we got into the new house I was excited about the school until they realigned the school zones and our house was now zoned for a different school than I was hoping for.  Of course the offices were closed for a month so I could do nothing, I couldn't get a zone variance turned in, I could call and ask questions...  NOTHING!!!  The one school I did want the kids to attend is run by Principal Hybarger, which just happens to be Grandma Alberta's son.  So I reach out to her and asked if she could ask her son if he took zone variances very often.  She called me back and gave me the scoop.  I needed to turn in their zone variance on the first day the offices opened back up and I need to stress that going to the school we were zoned for would cause a financial hardship since we would have to do safe key in the morning and the afternoon.  I  wrote my letter and did everything I was told and we were able to get the kids in to Goynes Elementary School.  I was so excited and so were the kids.  

We attended the "Meet Your Teacher" day and explored their new school.  It is much larger than the school we came from and I could see that it was a little overwhelming for the kids.  Ethan was so use to knowing exactly where everything was at Goldfarb.  I made sure to point out bathrooms, offices, classrooms, etc to help them feel more comfy.  I also got the kids signed up for Safe key which is a whole new thing for them.  Since we didn't really know anyone real well in the ward yet and didn't have Kira and Korina to take our kids and pick them up for us they would have to go to Safe Key after school.  We were able to find someone to drop them off in the morning.  The kids were introduced to Mr. Joe who would be at Safe Key and they liked him.  

Finally the first day of school came around.  I took the day off so I could drop them off and pick them up on their first day.  We were doing really good on time so were able to get a few pictures before school.  You could tell how excited they were about starting school again.

Not wanting to be left out, Ashlee joined them for a picture or two.  Katelee gave her the old backpack she used last year just so she would feel special also.  And I got her a new outfit for the day as well.

Back of bags...

We got to the school and it was a mad house, but we survived parking and got out of the car and headed to the line by the gate.  We waited for a bit for the gate to get opened and then headed in.  They had fun music blaring and it felt like the kids were going to a party, not school.  
And then my mother emotions took over.  I'm going to blame them on postpartum (Brynlee was only 4 months...  That still counts right?)  I got choked up and was trying to talk but had to just node and fake smile in response to the kids!  I don't know why, I hadn't been too nervous for them to start school, but it just hit me as we walked through the gates...  We found each of their lines and I snapped a picture and then I had to head out before they saw the tears fall from my eyes.  

Katelee was ready to go, not scared at all!

Ethan played it cool and was also ready to go.

I know I seemed like a bad mom walking out of the school when everyone else was walking in...  But the tears had started and I could do nothing to stop them.  Fortunately I was wearing sunglasses.  We got out to the van and I put Ashlee and Brynlee in their seats.  Ashlee was a little confused why I was crying.  She kept asking if I was sad and I said no, just excited for Bubby and Sissy.  It was time for Brynlee to eat and they were making announcements over the speaker so I decided to feed her in the van and listed since I wasn't there to support my kids.  Finally we drove off and the tears continued to fall.  It amazes me how my emotions hit so hard at times.  We were all good to go.  We were early and I wasn't stressed about Katelee staying all day long, I was ready for this year....  And then it hit me, my kids are one more year older and school starting means much more added stress to our lives.  Homework, school stuff, early bedtimes, Safe Key, lunches, early mornings, etc.... 

I picked the kids up that afternoon and they were so excited.  They loved school and had a blast.  I was a happy mother.  The kids continue to do well in school and we are loving our new school.  We miss our old school and our old friends there, but this school isn't too bad either! 

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