Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Katelee is SIX!!!

I don't know how it happened but Katelee turned six!!!!!

  I have been telling her for years to not grow up and just like a typical child she did not listen to me!!  Last year Katelee's birthday was a little overshadowed by her grandmother's passing.  We tried to make it as fun and uplifting as possible, throwing her a birthday party at Aunt Lisa's house in Salt Lake with cake, presents and family, going to McDonalds for her birthday breakfast and Mom and Dad being home from work during that week...  But there was a lot to distract us from celebrating her birth last year so we tried to make this year a better one. 

On the morning of Kate's birthday we woke up and got ready for school and then she opened presents before we left for school.
Katelee did not want to take treats to school, she didn't really want anyone to know it was her birthday.  I decided it was up to her and we didn't take treats to school that day.

 Of course during this time of year Ethan is always having problems with his breathing, so he got to do his treatment on the bed so he could watch her open presents.  

Ethan had a ballgame that night, so we went to dinner the night before to celebrate.  Kate picked Chilli's only if she could play one of those silly games they have at the table.  We decided since it was her birthday dinner we would let her, otherwise we don't really like those things at all.  They take away from our family dinner time, although, sometimes it seems like it would be easier to just talk to Chris and let the kids play those games....  We surprised her with having them sing happy birthday to her, which she liked, but certainly didn't need.  

Aunt Lisa came into town and her and Grandpa Snickers came to school and picked Katelee and Ethan up instead of them going to safekey.  They got to hang out with her at home and get all kinds of treats and goodies.  Then Katelee got to open her presents from Grandma and Grandpa Jiggs at Ethan's baseball game that night.  She was loving all the dolls she got and the clothes too.  

The Saturday after her birthday we had a party for her at the house.  (side note; it sure was nice having a party in a house big enough to hold all of our friends)  She wanted a Little Mermaid cake and the day of her party I was able to find a cake pan of Ariel...  I was doing such a great job until I did her skin...  Apparently Ariel spent a little too much time at the tan salon because she was more orange than skin color...  When Kate saw it she said, "I don't think it looks like it's suppose too..."  I just laughed, my kids definitely got my blunt mouth!

Katelee opened her gifts, there were so many, and had a really fun time.  She played with her cousins and friends the whole time.  The cake tasted much better than it looked and we all had a really good time spending time with family and friends.  

It sure doesn't seem like 6 years ago that this little lady joined our family here on earth.  She has grown up so fast, especially in the last year.  She is all about fashion, dresses herself and doesn't like when we pick our her clothes.  She like girly stuff, but also loves to be outside and play rough with her brother.  She has the longest and skinniest legs, still curly brown hair and the most beautiful blue green eyes.  She can still throw some major fits, but those have significantly decreased over the last year as well.  Her smile is beautiful and the gap between her top front teeth is perfect!!!  She loves to play school and church.  Loves baby dolls and jumping on the trampoline.  She is still a big help with Brynlee, loves to carry her around all the time and play with her.  She is doing very well at school, loves her teacher and loves to learn.  She is a smart girl and hates when she doesn't get 100% on something.  We sure love having Miss Kate in our lives, she makes us all smile and makes me as a mother so grateful to be called her mother! 

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