Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ethan's Basketball Season

This summer a friend asked if Ethan would be interested in playing basketball.  He has never played before and so we asked him if he'd like to.  He quickly said yes and I signed him up right away so he couldn't change his mind.  Since I was back to work my friend offered to take Ethan to practices during the week and then he could hang out afterwards until we got home from work.  Ethan was really excited and nervous.  The boys he was playing with had all played before and Ethan felt a little overwhlmed by their skill.  But in true Ethan fashion he made the best of it and swore he was the best one on the team.  They had a few practices and then it was finally time for the first game.  That night he went to sleep with basketball shorts on and his uniform top.  He talked with me about being very nervous and scared and worried because he wasn't very good.  So he got the Mom pep talk, you have to start somewhere, sports is about having fun and learning to play with a team, he could do it, Ra Ra Ra!!!  Not to toot my own horn, but he was feeling better about it when he went to sleep.   

You could tell that this was Ethan's first time playing ball, he was not the best dribbler and he threw the ball at the basket instead of shooting it.  But he ran the whole time and celebrated each basket as if he was the one that made it.  He played every Saturday for about 6-7 weeks and LOVED it!    

 (Serious Picture)
One FHE we went down to the church with the Maynor family and practices basketball.  Ethan's defense progressed 100 fold and his dribbling looked better also.  He didn't score many baskets but he had fun and loved the sport.  His teammates were awesome players and passed the ball better than most professional teams...  It was a lot of fun to go and watch basketball, the game moves quick (much quicker than baseball) and we won every game...  which always helps the enjoyment of watching. 
I think Ethan would play basketball again, and if he does we'll sign him up.  He had fun, loved hanging out with all those boys and trying a new sport. 

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