Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ashlee's Transition to BIG SISTER

Ashlee has been the baby of the family for THREE long years.  She has enjoyed having cuddle time with mom and dad, being the youngest and getting some things because of that.  When Brynlee was born Ashlee was beyond excited to become a big sister.  It's all she could talk about for a while, that she was a BIG sister, not the little sister any more.  Her transition was pretty smooth, although we did have a week where she had three accidents, but once we caught on to that we gave her a little more special time and she hasn't had one since.  Here are just a few pictures from the first week of Ashlee being a big sister:
We had a few errands to run one day while the kids were in school.  We took Ashlee along with us.  She was a good girl, but towards the end of the trip she was very tired and bored.  I looked back at one point and Ashlee was playing with her fingers like they were people in the sun.  It was the cutest thing ever!

One day for nap time I was able to go up to put her down.  I told her to get a book to read and she insisted that she would read it to me.  She did a good job and didn't take too long, which really surprised me!

Ashlee was so cute when she would hold Brynlee.  She would beg to hold her and then after like 10 seconds she was done.  And you better be there to get Brynlee because she would practically throw her at you so she didn't have to hold her any more.  As I looked through my pictures the next day and saw this one it struck me as so sad.  My "baby" was holding our new baby, her life was changed forever and this picture was proof of it.  It also made me smile because that smile on Ashlee's face shows how excited she is to be in her new role and have Brynlee in our family.
And this picture is just a silly picture of Ashlee one night as she slept. She sleeps like this quite often when she finally falls asleep at night.  It takes her forever, For....Ever! 
Ashlee has adjusted quite well to her Big Sister role.  She loves her little sister dearly and loves being in her face and touching her all the time.  


Maynor Moments said...

I love the bum in the air

Ashlee Merback said...

I just think there is something about Ashlees that they come with an abundance of enthusiasm and craziness that both endears and drives you crazy. Love that little Ashlee. Send her over to me anytime!