Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Seems like lately all I have posted about is Ashlee, so here is a post dedicated to our Baby Kate. Or as she is now know as, Katelee, Katelee Madge, Kate or Lady.

Katelee is an early riser and always has been. Most morning I wake up and get going around 6-6:15am. Its a guarantee that within 10 minutes of me being up Katelee will come walking in to our room. Usually I'm standing at my sink brushing my teeth or doing my hair when she comes in. It always brings a smile to my face to see her in the morning. Her hair is EVERYWHERE and she smiles huge when she see us. I always kneel down and hug her tight. She talks some baby talk and then we move on. Most morning she plays with the stuff under my sink, her baby doll or spends time doing her hair. Lately she has been playing with her doll, putting her on the little toilet we have in our bathroom, feeding her my contact solution or putting her in and out of our bed. This morning when I rolled over to look at the time, up came Katelee to my bed. She rubbed my arm and then went and got two books and climbed in our bed. She started reading them out loud while I got ready for work. I treasure our morning alone time when it's just me and her. We don't do much talking but we sure have been able to bond.

Katelee's nursery leader has always raved how much she LOVES her. Direct quote from her about Katelee, "I wish every child was like Katelee, she is so perfect. She goes with the flow and does whatever we ask her to do. We love Katelee!" At first I thought she was just being nice until I heard her say about another kid, "oh your son was pretty wild today!" She goes to nursery with no problems and last week she told me that she learned about the sacrament. It's always funny hear people say how well behaved she is because she can be quite the stubborn and grouchy girl.

When it's my time to put Katelee to bed at night I just love it. We brush her teeth and say night night to the girl in the mirror, who she has jokingly named Ethan! We then say prayer and I lift her up into bed. I then climb up and sing her some songs. She always gets so excited and hugs me the entire first song, which is always Families can be Together Forever. Then after I finish singing to her I start to climb down the ladder. Each time she sits up in bed and says, "Be careful careful coming down the stairs." I then ask her if she wants to kiss Mommy goodnight, to which she always says yes. I then stick my lips between the bars on her bed and she just loves it. We kiss and then I'm out of the room! I love love LOVE that quiet time I get to spend with this little lady!!!

Lately Kate has been very big into hiding from people. She loves to run behind the couch and hide when I get home from work. One day when I got home, I heard and saw her run behind the couch saying, "oh no, oh no, oh no" the entire time. When I followed her to her spot she started crying because she didn't get to hide from me. So now I let her hide and then try to find her. When she can't find a spot she will cover her eyes or lay her head down on the ground. Because she can't see you, you clearly cannot see her!

Katelee is still a pretty skinny girl and with no more diapers its even more apparent. Her pants or skirts are often in need of being pulled up. She weights 28 lbs and is still pretty tall for her age. She loves to give big squeezes and kisses if she wants to. Many times both her and Ethan will say that dinner is delicious, which always makes me smile. She will eat spaghetti o's or mac n cheese anytime. Kate is a very good eater most the time, however if she doesn't want it, she probably wont be eating it. No matter what we bribe her with! Katelee loves to count and knows her colors. She is learning the sounds of the letters and often times is heard saying, "uga uga... Ahhhh" which is her way of knowing what sound the letter A makes. We have really been noticing lately how monotone her voice can be at times. It cracks us up because she will say something and add "ha ha" to the end of it and never change her tone at all. Makes us laugh ALL the time.

Although I have always felt like Ethan was the aggressor and instigator of most fights between the two of them, I have been sorely wrong. Katelee does her own fair share of starting or carrying on a fight. She doesn't back down, which makes me happy (because I want nothing more than a strong independent girl who wont be pushed around) and irritated (because she will get mad or throw attitude for just about any reason!) As you can see Katelee does a good job of giving me mixed emotions. I love seeing her aggressive side, I think it will help make her the best she can be. I also hate that side of her because she can be mean at times. I love seeing her give a kid a toy she had that they are taking away from her because it shows she can share and is willing to. I also hate seeing that because inside I'm thinking, "hey lady, stick up for yourself!" However she acts or doesn't act right now, I know that my little baby K will grow up to be a wonderful young lady because she will feel the love we all have for her. I can't help but see a little of myself in here each day from her crazy hair in the morning, stinky feet at the end of the day or her never wanting to be under the covers. She still loves to throw lots of attitude, but she wouldn't be my daughter if that didn't happen. She keeps us on our toes and keeps this mother smiling. I can't say I'm excited to raise myself in her, but I look forward to the challenge and seeing what a wonderful person this little girl grows up to be!


Get Hooked said...

I love this post! What a cutie! Here's the good about her aggressive/passive side. You will know that when she does something it is because she wants to not because she is following the crowd! Just pray she chooses the right. Love her!

Heidi said...

Beautiful picture of her! And what a great post! We forget so much so this is great to have written down all about your princess!