Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ashlee at 4 Months

I have to start this post off by saying I CANNOT believe it has already been four months. Where does the time go?

Today our little Ashlee had her four month Dr. appointment which are accompanied with her four month shots as well. Since Daddy is still out on summer break he got to take her in. Her stats are:

Weight: 12.1 Lbs 10-25 percentile

Height: 24 inches 25-50 percentile

Head: No #, just told it was 25-30 percentile

The doctor said he is happy with her growth and that she is "normal/skinny" just like her sister. It's so funny to hear that because lately I have been thinking she is getting so big and her legs are getting chubby, but apparently they aren't as chubby as I think they are! We were given the ok to start solids and cereal at five months and told that everything else looks great. Early on Ashlee was refusing to eat her bottles, but has since gotten a bit better. Seems like our little ladies give us the hardest time with eating. Katelee was a little bit easier, she just took forever to eat... Well I'm pretty sure Ashlee has beat her out with the difficulty level. Lovely, independence seems to run in our children's genes.

Most nights this is what Ashlee looks like after getting finished with her bottle....

She eats with her left hand up by her eyes the WHOLE time, every time. It's cute until she gets really grouchy or crazy and pushes the bottle out a million times. Her normal feeding takes about 20-40 minutes depending if she feels like cooperating or not. Most times not, which means about 40 minutes to feed her.
By the time she finishes eating at night both daughter and parent are tired as well. Ashlee still sleeps wonderfully and so I will take her fussy and cranky feeding over not sleeping well anytime. She is such a happy girl. She rarely cries. The only times she really cries is when we stop at a light in the car when she is tired, around 7:30pm if she hasn't had a little nap before that or when I accidentally cut her while trimming her nails. She really is that good, I don't say this only to brag but to express my gratitude for this angel! I call her Angel Face, which might seem weird but to me it's perfect. I love looking at her, holding her, seeing her smiles and listening to her talk to me! She is a talker and a spitter.

Saturday June 18th, I laid Ashlee down after her morning bottle so I could get the dishes done and when I went to check on her she had rolled from her back to her belly. This is the first picture of it. She hadn't quite figured out what to do with her arm that was stuck under her belly, but soon enough she figured it out. Any time we lay her down on her back it's only a matter of seconds before she ends up on her belly and then only a matter of a minute or so that she starts crying because she isn't too sure of her belly yet.

We got the rolling over on video which will be uploaded soon. Ashlee is still loved extremely by her big sister, big brother, parents and all other family and our friends. She will give everyone a smile more than once, she doesn't care who holds her.... yet. Still can't believe my baby is 4 months old, seems like just yesterday I was holding my angel for the first time.


Get Hooked said...

4 months? Really? That has gone by fast. Good to hear she is a good sleeper. I always hope for that. Yet only got it once.

Maynor Moments said...

She is so cute!

The Benavidez Family said...

It goes by so quickly! Treasure every second of it! She is such a cute baby. You are so blessed!