Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Touro White Coat Ceremony-October 17, 2010

On Sunday we had the opportunity of going to Chris' White coat Ceremony for Touro's DPT, DO and PA classes. (since Touro University is a private Jewish school pretty much all functions are held on Sunday since most of Saturday is their sabbath) Since learning about this ceremony a few months back Chris and I have had very mixed emotions. We really didn't see the use in it since his class had already began clinical's and he wasn't graduating yet... But as it got closer I guess it took on a little bit of more meaning such as, a physical milestone in Chris' schooling and something official to celebrate!
Since the Ceremony started at 3:00pm at the Bally's Event Center Chris went to the Desert Inn Ward and the kids and I went to our ward and left early to be there on time. When we finally got there after walking what seemed like miles I couldn't believe how many people were actually there already! We were able to see Chris really quick before he was rushed off to get in line. As I looked for what I felt would be the best seat for us I couldn't help but feel a little swelling in my heart for my sweet husband. This was not just some little production put on by the school, it was HUGE!!! I got a picture of the podium before it started, because believe me you could hardly see the podium from our seats. I found my in-laws who were smack dab in the middle and handed off the camera to them so they could get some better photos! They started the ceremony with all of the faculty and then the students walking in. Chris seemed so serious and I got choked up watching him walk down the aisle with his coat draped over his arm. We got his attention and he finally smiled, I think he was also choking back emotion and didn't want to crack!
This is a picture of the DPT students and the PA students. The DPT students from Chris' class are in the front row. (Chris is right in the middle, the whitest one there!) The second row is the DPT class after Chris' and the others are the PAs. As you can see the middle was a ways away and that is just where the in-laws were. The kids and my family were clear on the far left of here! I snapped some pictures from my in-laws spot and then handed off the camera and headed over to my spot so I could video tape.
I was really impressed with the speakers, they gave good talks and kept them short! Thank heavens because there were a million names to be read and a million jackets to be put on! (Ok I do exaggerate a bit, but only a bit!) Chris' class was first to be "coated." As they started reading off the names you could hear a few cheers, nothing too loud. I debated in my mind if I wanted to be the crazy wife I normally am and be loud... I contemplated how Chris would feel about it and when his name was read my instinct took over and I yelled quite loud. Needless to say I am pretty loud and it was pretty quite in that huge room and Chris heard me loud and clear as well as everyone else! I got quite a few chuckles from the crowd and the DO students, but I was one proud wife and have no shame! I must say after my loudness people started getting louder and it soon became the norm, so thanks to me people actually cheered for the people they came for!

Chris as his name was read....
Chris getting his coat put on! He put his coat on with such ease it looked natural to me! You should have seen some of these people trying to put their coats on. One girl actually just held her arms out and didn't move. Hilarious!!! After being "coated" they then took the PTs oath and I thought that was pretty cool!
After about another hour and a half of names being read and coats being put on the ceremony concluded. The kids were excited, the grandparents thrilled, me restless, the iPad relieved and Matt and Anjali already gone (they were the smart ones). The students all marched out and then we were able to go greet our hero of the day and take pictures!
These are two proud parents. Without their support I don't know where Chris would be today. They have done so much for him and for our family it's unbelievable! I can't wait for Chris to graduate so they can be even more proud of him!!!
And these are two very proud in-laws. My dad said he loves being able to "see" accomplishments and I think this was a perfect example of that. Once again I don't know where we would be without these parents as well. They help out in so many different ways I can't even begin to list them here!
And can I just tell you how proud this wife is of her husband! I am fighting back tears just typing this post. Chris has been an amazing student. Studying into the wee hours of the morning and still helping out with the kids. I'm sure he'd rather be studying more, but he is always willing to help this momma out! He does the best he can and tries the best he can to be a good student and an excellent father and husband. He truly loves to help people out and I just know he will be a great PT one day!!!.
And lastly here is our little family on the special occasion! The kids were glad to see their daddy and Katelee was anxious to get out of this place. It's funny to think that when Chris does graduate we will have an extra little body in this picture! It's really not that far away! Pretty exciting and crazy all at the same time!
Before this whole ceremony I would tell people what we were doing and just kinda shrug my shoulders about it. But after having experienced it I feel a sense of accomplishment for not only Chris but our whole family. We have so many people supporting us and encouraging us that this is a milestone for all of us! So since the white coat is full of symbolism, so is the ceremony. It symbolises accomplishment, hard work, sacrifice and more work to come for not only Chris but for our whole family! Congrats babe on getting your white coat, we love you and look forward to your graduation ceremony next!!!


Maynor Moments said...

That is wonderful! Congrats Chris and YOU have worked hard for this day.

Get Hooked said...

Congrats Nelson Family! This is awesome! Keep up the good work! How much longer until graduation?

Tenille said...

I can totally see you hooting and hollering for him. Gotta make those things exciting. And when does he graduate?