Monday, October 11, 2010

My Jesus

My kids have gotten pretty competitive lately and everything is "My!" Such as, "My Mommy, My Daddy, My juice, My toy!" I think you get the point. While we were in Utah we took the kids down to Temple Square for FHE. I remember going there when I was young and absolutely loving the statue of Jesus Christ in the visitors center. Well it just so happens that the original sculpture was created by an Icelandic man and the original is located in Chris' mission! Needless to say this family loves this statue and has a smaller version on display in our living room. When we got to the sculpture there were two missionaries with a couple in the middle of the presentation so we quietly sat down and just looked from the bench. The kids were so well behaved I was shocked. After the presentation I let the kids get closer. Pretty soon loud as can be Katelee said, "MY JESUS!!!" The kids were not arguing, Katelee was simply stating a fact! Oh how I felt such love in my heart for my kids! I didn't have to correct her because that IS her Jesus! Ethan then told us about how Jesus died for us and my heart swelled more! Amazing how quickly kids can bring the spirit into our day, how easily they do it! How happy it makes me feel to know that they can recognize who their savior is and remember stories we have told them! I just love this picture, I love the way they are both looking up at Jesus, I love the reverence they displayed and the look in their eyes as they gazed upward!
They know who he is and I hope they never forget that!!!


Ashlee Merback said...

What good sweet kids you have. They must have good parents who have taught them well.

Heidi said...

Ahhh that is sweet!!