Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Katelee's Latest

I know Katelee turned two last month, but I'm just now getting around to her stats! Daddy was able to take Katelee to her two year appointment and so that is the reason for the vague details.
Height: Not sure but she is in the 90th Percentile
Weight: 26lbs which is the 30-40th Percentile
Head: Not sure, but it's ok
BMI: 30th Percentile
Our little lady is still considered Skinny and Tall but the Dr. said she is doing just fine! It is funny to see Katelee around some other kids her age, most of the time she is quite a bit taller, don't know where she gets this from but I like it! Katelee has outgrown her cousin that is about a year older, but Maddy is a very tiny little lady! Katelee still has a mind of her own and has never been afraid to express it! When she doesn't want to do something, she doesn't! When you give her two choices she will pick the one that you really would rather her not. For instance, every night we invite Katelee to join us for family prayer or go up to her room and not get a book that night. What does our little girl decide to do? Go upstairs and show you she just doesn't care what you do to her! Makes me smile every time she choices her room and no book over kneeling down with us for a few minutes. I love how stubborn this cutie can be! She takes after one of her parents for sure....
Katelee loves to play outside and do the things that her big brother does! She loves to be chased, loves to chase and even loves to wrestle. She is quite aggressive and noticeably grinds her teeth together when she is trying to wrestle you down to the ground! She gives Ethan a run for his money and keeps it coming until Mom or Dad decide it has gone on long enough! She loves to wear her Minnie Mouse shirt or Elmo pants. She loves to wear her cowgirl boats but also loves her sandals. Katelee allows us to do her hair every morning, but only willingly if she gets some gummy worms! Usually her ponytails don't last too long and then her hair looks even worse. When I ask her to lean her head back she will and never complains about how hard I might brush to get her snarles out, I think Daddy complains about it more than her. I just tell him it's something she will just have to get use to!

At night she loves to be read to and then sang to before being put down. If you ask her what song to sing she will say, "Sun" meaning Sunbeam,"Star" meaning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, "God" meaning Child of God or "Baby" meaning Rock of my Baby! She sleeps with her stuffed Woody doll, Little Doggie, Baby Seal and anything else she decides would be fun to have. Lately she has been waking up extremely early and calling, "Ephan, Ephan!" until Ethan wakes up and they can play. Two morning this weekend she was our of her crib when we went into their room. According to Ethan, she climbs out of her crib onto the drawers and then he helps her get down from there! What a great big brother!

Katelee loves to make people laugh and will do just about anything for a giggle. She is very good at getting Ethan to laugh and he does quite well with her as well! Many dinners will be interrupted to Katelee making funny sounds and cracking herself up until Ethan joins in the festivities! On the drive to Utah Katelee got a bit bored and decided to put her blanket on her head and make funny sounds! I must admit, it was pretty funny! Anytime you get a camera out Katelee will cheese and then ask to see the photo!
When Katelee throws fits she throws fits and they are amazing. She screams louder than anything I've ever heard, she hits walls and loves to kick things. If you are within reach she will hit you or kick you or even try to bite you! Lovely I know, but we just laugh at her or encourage her to hit harder, kick harder or yell louder. (I honestly don't think she could yell louder, but she tries!) She isn't a very good eater, she just plays with her food most times. Sometimes she chows down but that isn't too often! She does however love fruit and will eat it until she is sick! The other day Daddy put her on a two day break from grapes, apparently she digest them quite fast and dirty! She still loves her baby dolls and usually treats them pretty well! She loves real babies even more and it makes me very nervous for poor baby #3 and me! My poor niece, Emily, probably doesn't really know what Katelee looks like because she is always right in Emily's face! But she knows how to make her laugh!
One last thing, I was given a complement I still have never gotten about Ethan. The other day at church I dropped Kate off at nursery and the leader told me how well behaved she was. How she just did whatever they told her to and went with the flow. She never cries and always participates! And then she said, "It's nice to have at least one perfect kid in nursery!" I was shocked, my attitude filled daughter is perfect? I must say I wore a smile the rest of the day! Katelee is our little spitfire and on some days her bed time does not come soon enough! No matter how crazy she is we wouldn't want her any other way! Love you Katelee!

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Ashlee Merback said...

The Merbacks love this little girl too, but Tanner was very concerned by the picture of her in a Utah Utes cheer outfit. You know, a Merback boy could never marry a Ute fan so please burn it ASAP!!!