Thursday, September 2, 2010

Katelee and Tumbling

My daughter is crazy and wants to be just like her mommy. When I take my shoes off, Katelee takes her shoes off. When I have no socks on, Katelee thinks she doesn't need to wear socks. The other day I went for a run with my little lady and when I got home I took my shoes and socks off. Katelee quickly grabbed my socks and put them on and then worked very hard to get my shoes on. Daddy helped her out and this is the aftermath!(It was a lazy Saturday morning, so I just threw that dress on over her onsie so she would be dressed for our run!)
Grandma Nelson watches Katelee on Monday's and has signed her up for a Tumbling Cubs class at the rec center in Henderson. This week was her first class and Daddy was able to go as well and take some pictures! He said she enjoyed herself and was more comfortable doing some things over others!
I love the position of her arms in this photo!

Seems happy to me!

I think she would rather be on the ground than hanging in the air! Although her Grandma said this is her favorite part! Silly girl!
Our little lady loves adventure and I'm sure by the end of the classes she will be tumbling ALL over the place!


The Williams Family said...

That looks like such a fun class! She is growing up so fast.

tiffunny said...

She is looking all grown up now. And how fun for her to be in tumbling. My 2 older girls did that when they were young like that and it was fun for them (and for me to watch them).

Heidi said...

She is getting so grown up and tall!! The tumbling class looks fun!