Friday, September 10, 2010

Katelee Turns 2

Two years ago today, Katelee Madge Nelson was born into our little family. I can still remember that day perfectly.... Today was a little different than that day but just as good so far.
When Katelee woke up we let her open up her presents from us....
She was so excited this year!
One of her gifts was a baby that came with a car seat. She loved it to pieces! Ethan was a big help in opening her presents and was even very excited for her.
As soon as her baby was opened, the mother Katelee kicked in. She loves babies, real or fake, and will make such a great big sister! Katelee also got her first Barbie and some cute clothes that her daddy picked out!

Ethan went over to Grandma Nelson's house today, so Katelee had her daddy all to herself. Daddy and Katelee came over to Mommy's work and we went and had a good lunch date with Katelee! Katelee loved having all of her parent's attention and is very good at taking advantage of her Special Day!
This little lady is so much fun, I can't even imagine her being any different! Sure she has a crazy attitude and can be pretty cranky, but that is what makes her so much fun! She loves to take pictures, talk on the phone, yell at her brother, sing to her babies and do things that make her mother think, "oh dear!" Katelee's hair is very curly and hardly ever done. We comb her hair everyday, like we should, but I swear within minutes it looks all nappy again! When you take her picture she will immediately say, "Let me see." And then she will have to see it before she can happily take another one! This girl is pretty tall and skinny, don't know where she gets that from, but more power to her!
When we first found out we were having a girl, I won't lie, I was a little sad. I didn't want the drama of a teenage girl, EVER! I was nervous that her hair would never be done because I'm not very good at doing my own hair let alone someone elses! It make me a little crazy to think about all the pink clothes and the girly stuff that she might one day want. Since getting to know my sweet Katelee more I have come to realize how much I love having a daughter. I love the random hugs she gives and the way she loves to play with her hair. I love how cute she is when she is dressed all girly and her hair is combed. I will not say I'm good at doing her hair, but it will do for now! Her little voice can make a crazy stressful day fade away when she is singing to her dolly the whole ride home. The way she says "Thank You" cracks me up and the way she shakes when she is really mad makes me smile! Oh I know there will be some miserable teenage days, We will deal with them when they come.......... Katelee is so independent and strong willed I'm not too worried about her following the crowd, my little bossy lady will be leading that crowd.
From the moment she was born I have loved her with every piece of my heart and cherished her sweet spirit and personality. Even from a very young age she has always known what she wants and doesn't give up until she has pretty much gotten it! She can be mean, she has bitten before and I'm sure she will do it again. Luckily her favorite person to bite is herself! Katelee still loves to stare at people and seems so serious at times, but the girl loves to joke around and laugh too! I can't help but see a little bit of me in Katelee, I will let you determine if that is a good or bad thing! She loves adventure, will try just about anything at least once, she loves to cuddle but not too long, she loves to tackle her brother and she loves to be the center of attention!
Our family has truly been blessed because of the spunky, wild and sweet girl, Katelee! Thanks for letting us be your parents and thanks for keeping us on our toes! We love you, Happy Birthday!!!


Get Hooked said...

Oh. My. Goodness. She is so cute! I love her hair. I can't believe she is two already. That seemed to go by way too fast. Cute little lady you have there.

The Williams Family said...

Happy birthday Katelee!! She is just adorable!

Heidi said...

She sounds like such a spunky girl...yep, just like her mama!! =) Welcome to the terrible two's Katelee!!

Steph said...

i am so with you on the "having a girl thing". My girls look crazy most of the time but i am getting better at doing hair and matching clothes. I think they will be better for it. Not so "girlie Girls".
ps Katelee needs to come hang out with kate and Jane someday? The weather is getting nicer, do i hear BBQ in the future?