Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Little Football Player


Ethan as Chris were playing football last night and I just had to get it on video. Please forgive me for the bad quality of the video... It is simply to show you guys how hard this kid can throw and he is pretty accurate too! When Chris told Ethan they could play catch Ethan immediately ran upstairs to get his "helmet" and wore it the entire time they played. Chris worked with Ethan on catching the ball and then running... And all the hard work paid, because Ethan was catching all of the balls. The amazing part is when he throws the ball back to Chris he knows how to throw. He steps with the right foot and puts his whole force into it. There were a few that Chris missed because they came to fast! (I'm sure the lights were just in his eyes, right babe?) Also a funny part of this video is how Katelee continues to play regardless of what is going on around her. I love that my kids are so independent when it comes to playing! They don't need us to play with them....

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Ashlee said...

Nice arm Ethan! We need to get him and my boys together for a friendly little game of football. I would however, definitly have to recommend that Ethan wear his helmet!