Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We started our Labor Day Weekend on Saturday by taking Ethan to a water park close to my work for being a BIG Boy and going Poo Poo in the potty....Finally! I feel very bad because I forgot to take the camera with us so we don't have any pictures from that water park, but trust me when I say he had fun. The park we went to is located on Eastern and Sahara (some what ghetto for those of you not familiar with that part of Vegas) so I was a little worried that it would be dirty, but it really surprised me. All of the kids were nice and watched out for each other. One little girl even put her arm around Ethan so he could get the water dumped on him too. It was too cute. The only part that made me a little nervous was when I saw a guy come into the water area with his son and the Dad was wearing an ankle bracelet... No not a decorative one, One that lets the proper authorities know where he is at ALL times! I keep my eye on that guy the entire time! But other than that our water park experience was very enjoyable. We headed home and all took a nap. After our naps we decided to go to dinner just our small little family. So we went to the only place we had a gift card to...Olive Garden! Dinner was very enjoyable. The never ending pasta bowl is in full force and we took advantage of it to the max. Chris and I each got a whole plate to go and even took home four break sticks! After dinner we came home and just hung out as a family. Then once the kid were in bed Chris and I watched some TV together and then went to bed. Sunday we went to church and then took naps again and then had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson. I love Sundays.... They are so relaxing and edifying! I love having dinner with the grandparents and spending time with them. Ethan and Katelee also enjoy it because they tend to get away with more while we are there! Monday we woke up and got some housework done. After Katelee's nap Grandma Nelson came over and then we picked Grandma Alberta up and we headed over to Utah, or really Aunt Anna and Uncle Enrique's house. The kids ate lunch and then we headed over to the water park over by Anna and Enrique's house. Luckily I did have my camera with me and so did Aunt Anna. She got some much better pictures, but mine will have to do....

Aunt Anna got in her swimsuit and took the kids around for us, because she is such a great sister and Aunt. Katelee just had a little swimmer on because I for some reason I didn't bring her suit... For some reason my memory is a little sluggish lately... Guess that is what happens when you have two kids, a full time job and a husband in PT school.... At least that is my excuse for right now. I'll have to think of a new one when Chris gets out of school.

Here are the three of them when we first got to the water park. Ethan really liked stepping on the water stream and making it stop. We tried to get him to sit on it, but he just wouldn't do it!

Katelee loved the water and really enjoyed herself!

Here is another picture of Ethan stepping on the water!

And here is Katelee with Daddy afterwards. She would just sit by the water and put her hands in it and crawl to the other ones when one would turn off.
After the water park we went back to Aunt Anna's and got the kids down for naps. I of course forgot to bring a bed for Katelee to sleep in so we had to make one for her. I have been criticized before for making my kids sleep in their portable cribs in the closet, but that doesn't even compare to where Katelee slept this time. I was walking around Anna's house trying to find somewhere to put Katelee down where she would be able to sleep and be some what restricted. We walked into Anna's bedroom and there was the perfect bed for Katelee. Just her size and even very soft. What did I find???? The dogs bed.... Of course we laid some other blankets over it so the dog hair was very covered and I did add some pillows around the edges to make them a bit higher. She loved it and took a pretty good nap in it! (Please don't think I'm a horrible mother for doing that) Ethan on the other hand did not sleep so well. I made him a bed on our old bunk beds and even gave him a stuffed animal to sleep with, but finally Chris had to lay on the floor with Ethan eventually joining him down there to sleep. We woke him up early from his nap at 4:30 so he would be able to sleep that night. We all ate dinner and then Aunt Anna and Uncle Enrique had a treat for Ethan.....A Slip 'n' Slide. Anna got this on clearance at Target for $2.50 a few years ago and was just waiting for Ethan to get old enough to use it...

Well of course someone had to show him how to use it! I think at first I was more excited than Ethan....

Oh and Uncle Enrique had to show him how to do it really fast too! (Perhaps Enrique and I were more excited to go on it!)
Ethan had fun, but didn't really get the whole sliding concept. He would run and run and then slide when he got to the end where there was a small pool! I really thought he would do good with the sliding thing because he loves to slide all over the house......
But needless to say he enjoyed himself quite a bit!
That night I was talking with Ethan about all he had done that day and I said "you had fun on the slip 'n' slide didn't you?" to which he replied, "yeah and you and Uncle Enrique too!" I just started laughing because we did! I was a little sore that night, and can still feel it today, but it was ALL worth it! I love showing Ethan that his parents can have fun with him too and that we aren't too old to enjoy having a good time! Our Labor day weekend was well spent... I love spending so much time with our little family! I am the happiest when I'm with them!


Get Hooked said...

How fun! I love that Anna and Enrique are so fun! And think you are a horrible mother???? Come on. I've done much worse then having my kids sleep in a dog bed. It was soft and safe! What more can you ask for? Foggy memory???? Do you need to read one of my recent posts. I'm questioning???? :)

Heidi said...

I am glad you had fun in Utah!!! Thanks for stopping by!! =)
Sounds like a fun time...slip n slides hurt a lot more now that we are grown and "developed"! =) ha!!