Friday, September 11, 2009

Katelee's First Birthday Party

Well I think I over did it this time... Katelee's Birthday party was last night and it was a blast. Of course as the parents we didn't get to enjoy it as much as the guest did, but as long as the guest and of course Katelee had fun, that's all that matters! So we decided to have Katelee's party on her actual birthday since Grandpa Nelson always works on Saturday's and has Thursday's off. We had the party start at 5:30 so we could hopefully get Katelee down to bed close to her actual bed time of 7. My sister-in-law, Lisa, and my mother-in-law came over early to get the house ready and some kitchen stuff going. Thank you very much ladies, it was very much needed and appreciated! So around 5:15 we had our first guest come.... The balloons outside our door so people could fine the party!
Katelee's first cake and cause of much unneeded stress!

Katelee's individual cake to devour if she wanted to....(luckily she didn't eat it all...)
Ethan eating his pizza, he loved all the people being there! And thank heavens for nursery he actually played quite well with them all!
The birthday girl getting her dinner fed to her by Grandpa so I could get some things in order and get the party moving!
So after Katelee finished dinner we started opening the millions of presents that Katelee received! She of course was not all that interested in them. She didn't even really like to pull the tissue paper out... Give her a few more years and I'm sure she will love it as much as her parents and brother do!
It is a Nelson tradition to also get the sibling a present so they don't feel completely left out. Aunt Lisa got Ethan some new church shoes which he wanted to wear once everyone left. The shoes are a bit big but he still refused to take them off.
Katelee got her first Cabbage Patch doll and really loves it! As you can see in this picture in the upper middle, Katelee was out of there the first chance she could escape! She went over to a toy we have had out for a while and started playing with it! Figures, right?
Then it was cake time. Katelee tried to grab the candle but Ethan was there to help blow it out. I think he was more excited about it than Katelee, she had no idea what was going on!

We gave Katelee her own cake and she kinda just lightly touched it with her fingers, so....
Daddy had to show her how to dig in! After that she was hooked!
Here is the beginning....
And when she was really getting into it!
She loved being able to feed herself and get messy!

Here is an up close picture, she was really happy although her face doesn't show it here! After the cake Daddy took her upstairs for a bath and she came down a new girl! My dad counted the amount of people that came to the party and there was a total of ................................46! Our poor little house is still trying to recuperate! The air was on all night and it was still a whopping 83 degrees! I was expecting about 30-35 and was stressing about that.... Good thing I had no idea there was really going to be 46 people! We still have some dishes to do and get some furniture rearrange, but the party was great. We had just enough food and there was a fun time had by all! Happy Birthday Katelee, you deserve it. You have made the last year so much fun and I can't imagine what it would have been like without you in it! Love you!


Keever Family said...

I am so looking forward to Connor and Caitlin's first birthday! It looks like she had a blast! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Katelee!

Heidi said...

Wow...someone got spoiled!! I love how you are posing with the Cabbage Patch doll...who is more excited to have that, you or Katelee?? =) Sounds like a fun yet exhausting time!!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday Katelee!!! Sounds like she was spoiled as ever. Yeah!!! She is so cute and I love the cake.

Get Hooked said...

That is a ton of people! Wow!!! I'm intrigued on the cake story. It looks super cute! My mother in law often reminds me with each child's birthdays that labor comes every year on their birthday, not just the one time to get them here. And how right she is. Birthday's are exhausting! Looks like a fun party!

tiffunny said...

Wow! I can't believe how many people you had at your house! Crazy. Hope the day went well.