Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Latest Baseball Trip

Ethan loves baseball and especially loves going to the 51's stadium and watching baseball. We have been lucky enough this season to get a few games and they all just so happen to be on Fireworks night. When we first took him to the game I was worried that he wouldn't sit still long enough to watch an inning, however we have lasted through the entire games...(Most the time I have a hard time sitting through a whole game, but when I have Ethan with me I manage to do it quite easily!) My co-workers bought season tickets and always offered them to us when they weren't going. Last Friday night Grandpa Blackburn, Grandma Blackburn, Aunt Anjali, Madilynn, Ethan and I went to the game. It was a bit hot, but Grandma bought us all some shaved ice and that really helped make it feel a little cooler out there! Ethan sat with Grandpa for some of the game, with Grandma for some of it and he even laid down on the beach for a second or two. Anjali thought she was getting out of the picture... But I got Her! Ha Ha!
Ethan loves Cosmo. He will talk about Cosmo even when we aren't at the ballpark. He looks for him the entire time we are at the game and gets so excited when he sees him. We found him at this game and followed him until we were able to get a good picture. Cosmo was so nice he got down on his knee so this picture would turn out cute. Later we went to use the Potty and Cosmo saw Ethan and walked up to him. Ethan didn't even see him until he was tapping him on the shoulder! Then he got really excited and gave him Five!
Madilynn had fun at the game too! She is just the cutest girl. She brought her friend Nemo with her. Ethan hung out with her at some point of the game too.
Here is Madilynn playing with Nemo and Grandma. She was having so much fun!
Here is Grandma with her oldest grandchildren.
We got the chance to see an 'almost' fight. The pitcher gave up to home runs in a row and on the third batter decided to throw for his head. He just barley missed, but of course the benches were emptied... And Ethan being the little copy cat that he is was yelling at the top of his lungs.. "Throw him Out!" It was so cute. The pitcher was thrown out as he should have been. If you are going to throw at a batter you better hit him or you truly show how unskilled you are. This reminds me of my Senior Year in High School. Our softball team was in the division play offs and I had the unfortunate opportunity to pitch. (I was the first baseman, but we didn't have a pitcher my senior year so I had to learn how to pitch and feel in.) Anyways, the team we were playing was kicking out bums and then they sent up a girl to bat that had a cast on her leg. How angry that made me. It was not enough to clobber us, they had to also rub it in. So I tried hitting the girl in the cast and missed. I threw the ball behind her, but I'm pretty sure she got the point! I since have looked back on that experience and just have to shake my head! When I play sports I put my best effort in to the game, but I don't get angry most of the time. That was a time when I let my anger dictate my actions and I regret it... Now back to the game, my point is, I missed the girl because I wasn't an experienced pitcher... This guy is one step away from the Big League! And another issue I had with that is you never aim for the head! Go for the legs or arms not the head! Anyways, Ethan enjoyed yelling at the umpire and really didn't know what to think of this incident!
Ethan sat with my dad for the fireworks and loved ever bit of it. He really does look like this picture the entire time the fireworks are going off.
We really lucked out on this day. Our section was picked to run the bases after the fireworks. Ethan was so excited, after the fireworks he said, "we go run bases, come on!" We waited in the line and finally when the field was cleaned up and people were out of the way they let us on the field to run the bases. Thank you to my dad for getting close to the field and taking pictures for us! Ethan ran the whole way and had a blast the entire time. I must say I enjoyed myself too!
I love this picture because Ethan looks to serious, like he is contemplating the possibility of having to slide.
And this is us stepping on home! We made it, all 360 feet of the bases. Ethan was so happy... I'm glad we made it to that game so Ethan had the opportunity to do that. This kid is such a good kid. I often times complain that he is so hyper and active... But at the end of the day I'm glad he is. It keeps us on our toes and keeps him active. I'm glad he loves to go outside and run around because then he isn't in the house begging to watch TV. Chris and I have always said that we will let Ethan play whatever sport he wants to.... I just really hope he wants to play baseball!

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