Friday, January 22, 2016

Pinewood Derby 2015 (Ethan's FIRST one)

Ethan is now is Cub Scouts which means he does an activity every week and he gets to do a Pinewood Derby!  He was excited but I almost think my dad was more excited. We had Ethan pick out what he wanted the car to look like and my dad was able to cut it for him.  We had an FHE where Ethan and all helped work on the car.  Ethan was very good at sanding and messing around with all the tools...  

I was put in charge of painting the car, which I'm not all that good at...  We made it work though... My dad added on all the other items to get it where it needed to be weight wise.  Ethan wanted a driver so I found a Lego guy to add to the car.  My dad even made a carrying case for the car so he could enter the race in style.    Here are some shots of the final product:

The night of the Derby my parents came over for dinner and last minute inspections and then we were off to the races.  (Look at that smile, you can tell he is excited!)

They did 4 races with the car getting a spot in each lane.  The first lane Ethan took 1st place.  After that he didn't score first again, but was still doing good.  They let the boys place the cars on the track and I'm afraid Ethan didn't always get it centered so the wheels rubbed on the edges a few times, but he had tons of fun! 

Ethan's car ended up taking 4th place.  We would have loved to win it overall, but 4th place for your first race is GREAT as well!  It was fun seeing all the other cars and designs that people came up with.  Brought back memories of all of my brother's Pinewood Derbies and that was great fun.  Ethan has been looking forward to the next derby ever since the last one ended.  

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