Friday, January 22, 2016

Good-Bye Hansen Family

So when we moved into our condo when we first got married there were a few couples that lived in the same complex.  We got to know them each, but we got to know the Hansen family the most.  Carlee and Chris became our good friends, after far too many years of knowing them...  Carlee and I had baby girls around the same time.  They both had brown hair and these blue/green/clear eyes.  She named her daughter Kaylee and we named ours Katelee.  They were in all the same primary classes and their nursery leader especially had a hard time telling them apart.  Not only were their first names similar but their last names were as well, Hansen and Nelson...  After a bit the Hansen family moved out of our little complex and away from our ward.  We were all sad, but they were still close by, so we weren't too sad.  

We visited with them often, had family dinner nights with them and met up at different places to hang out.  Our kids meshed so well with each other.  Ethan loved playing with Conner, who is around Ashlee's age and Ashlee LOVES Conner.  He is her boyfriend if you ask her, even now after all this time apart...  When we found our new home, we were so excited to see that it was literally down the street from where the Hansen's were living.  I could not have been more happy to be close to them again.  But that happiness was soon washed away when we found out that they were moving..... to Texas!!  It was such a good thing for their family, but we were all so sad...  Before they left for good we had the kids over often to hang out and the adults too.  

We have gotten to see them one or two times since their move and the kids always pick up right where they left off.  Katelee and Kaylee send things back and forth to each other, it's so cute!  We miss the Hansen's like crazy, but we are so happy that things are going so well for them.  


There are only handful of couples that we get along with so well.  Chris and Chris always have tons to talk about and Carlee and I could talk for hours.  It's so great to have such great friends, even if they live in Texas now! 

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