Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School 2013-2014 School Year

Today was the first day of school for both Ethan and Katelee.  I cannot believe that Ethan will be at school ALL day long.  I have been a little bit emotional the last few weeks just thinking that my little boy will be eating lunch at school and finding his way to his teacher's line and classroom without me.  I know that boy is more than capable of it, but I still have been worried for him.  And while I can't believe Ethan is old enough for 1st grade, I really can't believe that Katelee is old enough for Kindergarten.  But she is, she is more than ready.  I really think going to a preschool at the Elementary school was really good for her.  She has not been nervous at all.  She has been ready and that has made it easier on this torn mother!

Ethan goes to school at 7:40am, but Kate has to wait until 11:40 for her PM Kindergarten class to start.  Of course they were both so excited that they were up and at em early today.  Kate went with me to drop Ethan off.  Luckily for this mother they allowed parents back with their kids to show them where to line up and stuff like that....  
 Notice how nervous this kid looks???  Ya, me neither!  He was just ready for school!

 You can always tell when Kate is excited, she holds her hands in front of her body and she talks A LOT!  usually she is pretty quite, but yesterday and today she has been talking nonstop.  She chats about anything and EVERYTHING!  I love seeing how excited she was...
 Here is Ethan in his line.  I tried to get a picture of his teacher in the background but she is so tiny and that ladies fro is so big it didn't really work!  He was ready, but I could tell he was a little unsure about it.  He never verbally expressed that to me, but when we walked through the gates he grabbed my hand and gave me a hug and kiss before we left.  I don't like being one of those parents that has to be with them until the very last second.  I feel like they should have some independence.  He knew Kate and I were just a little bit away, but we were far enough away that he was doing it by himself!  
 See, he didn't need me there, there were more parents than kids today....  

Kate and I went home and waited and waited until it was her turn to go.  We went grocery shopping, played monopoly, ate lunch and then Kate played in her room for a while and then it was finally time for her to go!!!  When we got out of the van, Kate leaned over and told me she was feeling a little nervous.  I told her that was totally fine and then explained that Kindergarten was going to be a lot like preschool, she would do centers, calendar and a lot of the same stuff she has already done.  Then we ran into her friend Lana and the nervousness just dissipated. 
 The little posers! 
 Look how little she looks.  And of course, Ashlee had to get in a picture!  Kate and I had a small talk again before she started walking into school, she told me she wasn't nervous any more and she was ready to go.  That made me happy so I said have fun and I'll see you soon! 
 And with that, she followed Lana and Kira into the gate.  I once again felt like she should have some independence and also didn't want to fight with all the family members and Ashlee.  It wasn't a big deal, Kate never looked back!! 
 Kira got this picture for me.  Notice her hands in front of her, so excited!  She was still smiling even when walking through the classroom door....  Yay!!!! 
And here is a picture of Ashlee.  She wanted to know where Sissy was when we got in the van, it was so cute!  

I wasn't nearly as emotional with Kate going into kindergarten as I was with Ethan, but I think it's just that she has already done preschool there, so it doesn't seem so foreign this time.  I did get a little chocked up with Ethan again this year, but I think it's just more of my Mommy mind worrying that he wont be able to find me after school....  But he will, the kid has never met a stranger...  And maybe it has a little to do with him being my first kid, in my mind he is still my little boy....  As I type this I'm missing my little Katelee too, the next time I see her she will officially be done with her first day of kindergarten...  So so so can't believe I have two kids in school.  Where did the time go?   

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