Thursday, December 27, 2012

Katelee Turns Four (September 2012)

Katelee has finally turned four!  She is so happy to be getting older and it's making me so sad to see her keep growing!!!!
Katelee got a Cute backpack for her first day of school!
Kate also got a lot of clothes

She also got a Chalkboard and White Board stand and....
Lots and lots of clothes!!!!

Kate had a great birthday party with lots of family and friends.  She wanted a Barbie cake and I tried my best.  She liked it so I say it was a winner!!!  

Kate has done very well in school.  She is a perfect example for the kids in her class and she always gets smile faces on her weekly progress reports.  She has made friends with the kids in her class and really livens up when she is around them.  She does better around other kids since she has been in school too.  She is still shy but she will actually play at times, which is a huge thing for her!  She is a moody girl and at times drives us crazy with her crying and yelling and going from happy to fired up in 5 seconds....  But we love her all the same.  She can be so sweet when she wants to and one of my favorite things about Katelee is that no matter what, she will always say "love you" back.  When she gets up in the middle of the night and I put her back to bed I always say, "love you" and she will repeat it back to me.  Ethan never does that...  But Katelee ALWAYS does that!  She is still a mother hen to Ashlee and now that Ashlee has started getting annoyed by it Kate will say, "if you do that one more time I will put you in time out!"  It's hilarious!  Life wouldn't be the same in the Nelson household without Katelee and we are so grateful for her!  Love you girl!!!!

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