Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ethan's Progress Report

That was the only thing I can think of to describe me when I saw Ethan's very first progress report!!!  I couldn't believe it, my Ethan, my crazy Ethan did fantastic!!!  He even got all E's....  And his teacher's comments of "He works hard to do his best, we appreciate his efforts." Nearly made me cry!  I was so excited we let Ethan get an actual Happy Meal from McDonalds, instead of the $ menu!  

What a proud Mother moment this was for me!  Way to go Ethan, I hope you continue to enjoy and excel at school!    

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Get Hooked said...

First Congrats to Ethan. Way to go! Second I actually laughed at the happy meal comment. I thought I was the only mom that didn't buy those and made the kids choose of the $ menu.