Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ethan Turns SIX! (October 2012)

Ethan's Birthday was on a Sunday this year so we had his birthday party the Saturday before.  The Friday before his party Ethan got to spend the night at Aunt Anna, Uncle Enrique and Emily's house.  They of course spoiled him like crazy!  They took him to build a bear and let him do whatever he wanted the whole night and 1/2 of the next day!  Ethan was indecisive on what kind of cake he wanted this year.  At first it was Sonic the Hedgehog and then it was Mario or Waluigi...  Finally I suggested a baseball and he jumped on that one, thank heavens, because that was so much easier!  We went with the baseball theme, pretty easy for this household!

Ethan had lots of family and friends over for his party and he really enjoyed it!
 Ethan opened up all of his presents and loved them all....

 The next day was Sunday and his actual birthday...  Chris has meetings that start at 7:30 each Sunday so he wasn't there when Ethan woke up, but the rest of us were.  I wanted to get a picture of him that morning just so I could show everyone what a SIX year old looks like.  He has grown up so fast!!!  I cannot believe he is so old!  It literally seems like he was just born a few years ago, not six!!!!
 Ethan got to open up his presents from Mom and Dad and his sisters.  He was a little disappointed that he didn't get a big truck like he asked for, but I think he was pretty happy with what he did get!  (Poor boy had pink paper, but I had Katelee color on it with a blue and green crayon so it wasn't all girly!)
 Can you see the slight sadness of not getting a big truck...  When we put the legos together he realized that one of them was a big 4X4 truck and that made him much happier and it made me much happier too!!!  It's sad as a mother to disappoint your child, but that, I assume, is all part of lives lessons!!
My little mother heart has a love/hate relationship with birthdays.  I love them because my kids are so excited to turn another year older.  I love them because I get to spoil them and see how much they have accomplished in the past year.  But I hate them because my little babies are growing up.  I hate them because they show me how FAST life is flying by.  This 8lbs 14oz baby is growing so fast.  He is getting so tall and will soon be my height!  This little boy that use to hug me and love on me whenever I acted like I was crying, now just laughs at me!  Sure he is still sweet at times, but there are times when he does things just to bug us!  He is a character, funny and so smart.  He has so many friends at school and loves to go!  Ethan had a great birthday and is very excited to finally be SIX!!!!  Love you buddy! 

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Brandi said...

I can't believe he's 6 either, growing so fast!