Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Christmas Tree Decorating

December 13, 2010

For family home evening one Monday we put up our tree and decorated it. I have such fond memories of decorating our tree growing up I want my kids to have those as well. We cheat by having a fake tree that is already lighted, but I think they get the point. (Although putting the lights on a Pinion Pine hurts like crazy and I think all kids should experience it at least one time!) Ethan and Katelee were so excited this year and were actually pretty good at it. My parents were there as well as Grandma Nelson. We ate dinner and then let the decorating begin....Katelee did pretty good most of the time. Many ornaments I handed her were not good enough for her and she would demand other ones, but she put them on the tree pretty well!
Ethan was pretty particular about where his ornaments went and loved hanging up the sports ones! All boy, he is!
We had a pretty good system this year. We let the kids put theirs where they wanted and Chris and I put ours up higher where the kids couldn't reach. Our tree is a bit lopsided with a majority of the decorations towards the bottom, but the bottom is bigger and needs more, right?
Then staying true to our tradition, Daddy held the kids up so they could put up the star. I'm not sure how he is going to do this next year, but it should be fun and scary all at the same time!

Side story: Ethan helped me put up the icicles and would ask for either red or silver. I thought that was funny, until he showed me his decorations. He had been placing them in order on ONE branch at the back of the tree. Poor branch was pretty weighed down, but he was sure proud. About a week later this poor little branch had even more ornaments on it, as they magically would move to this location! Silly kid!

And here is our family picture in front of our decorated tree. Guess you can't really see the tree, but the star looks good and we are all smiling so I'd say it was successful!

After decorating our tree, our house was filled with the excited spirit of Christmas! Funny how one tree full of lights and ornaments can do that to everyone in the house!


Anonymous said...

What a fun tradition and a very cute family!!

Get Hooked said...

The question is... Where is the pretzel ornament with your adorable little self? And could you still taste the salt? Your Christmas tree looks fantastic and I love how the tree evolves. I wish i took picture of our evolving Christmas tree. Watching the ornaments go higher each year is kind of fun, and kind of sad.

tiffunny said...

wow you guys have quite the little party for your tree decorating. sounds fun.

Brandi said...

You MUST post pics next year when Chris is holding all 3 kids! :)

LOVE your holiday card, you guys are such a beautiful family!


Heidi said...

Ahhh such a cute prego mama!! The tree is cute and I love seeing kids decorating the tree...they love it so much!