Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What a Great Day!

This morning as I drove to work I realized what a great day I was already having, and felt like sharing it.

1.This morning I woke up with a sore neck and sore thighs from running last night. Now this might sound like not a very good start to a day but I love the exercise "sore" feeling! Makes me feel very productive and active. I don't mind feeling sore when there is a valid reason!

2.Ethan had a Dr. Apt this morning. When we got there I noticed a sing that said, "Attention all Aetna Patients:" (My heart sank, great the dreadful day that my insurance no longer covers the BEST Pediatrician ever has come. I have written multiple letters to Aetna asking them to please keep Dr. Duddy on their provider list to no avail!) The notice went on, "We are happy to announce that as of April 1, 2010 we continue to be an Aetna provider." How great is that, perhaps my nagging letters did work... What a great day!

3.Ethan had a follow up on some eczema issues and allergies. Last time we were in he had a horrible rash that he has had since October of last year. Ethan's skin is looking much better and Dr. Duddy said all is going well. We got another refill for his Singular (that will cost me $50 for 30 pills, but it keeps his asthma in line) and we were told we were good to go and continue what we have been doing! That is always nice to hear from the Dr. :)

4.Ethan was very well behaved in the Dr. office, which is not always the norm. He was polite and didn't whine at all on the way there or on the way back!

5.The traffic was a breeze to and from the Dr.'s office. Normally we are rushing to get to the Dr.'s office on time, but today we were about 15 minutes early!

6.(this one could be my favorite for the day) After dropping Ethan off at my mom's house I headed to work. On my way I received a text message from my sister-in-law, Anjali, that said this, "I will be going through the temple on Saturday April 24 at 3:00pm." How great is that? With tears in my eyes I responded that I was so excited for her and that the temple was AMAZING!

7.This one goes along with #6 but it is very special as well. Anjali then sent the following text, "I can't wait either! It's finally hitting me that I will be sealed to my family forever. Thanks, love you too Hil!" How amazing it was to think that my brother and sister-in-law will be sealed to their little Madilynn Jade in no time at all! How exciting the knowledge is to be sealed to our loved ones FOREVER! After this text I started crying and was overwhelmed with joy that I was bound to my husband and kids for Time and ALL Eternity! Although Chris and I may have our rough times the temple sealing that we were able to complete on May 28, 2005 always reminds us that no matter what we are bound together!

8.I got to work knowing the FDIC Compliance Examiner was still here, that in it's self is a bummer, however how grateful I am to have a job. To support my family and be able to take care of my loved ones! Work is often times stressful, especially during audits or exams, but at least I have one and am able to continue to grow through these experiences and increase my knowledge. What a great day!

How often I take the little things in life for granted! But today I was able to see them all and am so thankful for today! What a Great Day!


The Williams Family said...

Thanks for the reminder Hillary! I'm so glad you've had a great day.

Blackett's Blog said...

Thats awesome about Matt and Anjuli. It is special seeing a family sealed together. tell them congrats from the blacketts.

Maynor Moments said...

What a great day!! I am so happy for matt and Anjuli!