Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter

Sunday's are always an eventful day at the Nelson household. With church starting at 1:00pm and Chris in meetings it can get a little stressful. The normal routine requires breakfast, quiet play time, baths, lunch (at 10:30) and naps for both kids. (And whenever I can fit it in, I have to get dress as well!) Katelee is well ready for a nap by 10:45, however Ethan is not as ready. Then we usually have to wake kids up before church and get their hair done and out the door by 12:45, or before 1! The Sunday before Easter was no exception, therefore these pictures reflect the tired eyes and noncooperation! Aunt Anna and I found Katelee's hat at Target for $1 and I couldn't resist getting it for her. I remember growing up, we use to get a hat on Easter sometimes and I always loved it. Probably the Tom-boy in me, but I thought I'd carry on that little tradition! Katelee amused us for a few pictures and then was through with it! (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Blackburn for the cute Sunday outfits!)
Katelee hated having her picture taken and this was the best one of her alone! The headband was also only $1! She left this in all through church! Amazing, I think she forgot it was in, actually!
And here is my studly Ethan! He is such a little pill but so dang cute too! I always love seeing him in a suit, makes him look a bit more innocent. Since it was Easter I decided to actually do something with his hair, against his demands! Later after church that day he told us that "Jesus died for us and then they put him in a cave and rolled a rock in front of it. Then the lady came and he was not there!" I'd say his teachers did a pretty good job of helping him understand the Resurrection of our Savior!
Just one more picture of our little cuties!
Happy Easter to everyone, may we always keep the thought of our Saviors sacrifice in our hearts!


Keever Family said...

Katelee is looking so grown up! She is going to be a heartbreaker! I think she looks like a princess! I miss you guys! Ethan, he is one handsome boy! So smart!
Hugs and kisses from Georgia!

tiffunny said...

your kids are so grown up now. sundays can be rough trying to work it around naps & meals & that 1:00 time is one of the worst. That's awesome you found a way to make it work by fitting it all in ahead of time.