Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Backyard

Before Chris and I got married we looked at a Condo and decided it would be a great house for us to start our marriage and family in. It is a nice house but the more upside down we become in it, because of the current economic situation, the more I grow less fond of it. One thing I have always been less fond of is the backyard. For a while I liked it. It was fenced and private and had a large cement slab to put chairs on and our bar-b-que. However when we had kids and they wanted to play outside I grew to hate the backyard. We had never really done anything with it so it was just dirt. And not just any dirt, nasty dirt. Dirt that blew with the wind and calcified when it got wet and dried! The dog would track in dirt or mud every time she came in. And don't get me started on what the kids looked like if they played out there for a while. Last year we were able to put wood floors in the house with our tax return. And they look really nice, so this year we decided to have artificial grass installed. And I think it turned out really nice too!
Before, the lovely view our guests saw as they walked to our door!After




The Happy Family afterwards!

Now that we have a nice backyard and some added curtains up in the Living Room I'm actually starting to like my house again! Thank you Backyard!


Jerry and Sarah said...

I love it. I'm that same way. When I'm getting sick of my house I do a little home improvement project to fall in love with my house again.

Maynor Moments said...

Hilary it looks great! I love it!

Ashlee Merback said...

You will LOVE having a place to send the kiddos when you just need a little peace and quiet. They are happy and you are happy...definitely worth the money!

The Williams Family said...

That looks awesome!

Brandi said...

SO nice, what a great idea, and it turned out awesome! I'll send mine over this time next year for a fun play date in the backyard. :)

Heidi said...

We LOVE our fake grass!! Low maintenance and our kids prefer it over the real grass because it isn't scratchy!! Only problem is that it gets HOT in the summer!!

tiffunny said...

looks great.