Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Emily Marie Trevino

Sunday March 14th around 10:30am I received a text message from my brother-in-law informing me that Anna was having contraction about every 12 minutes. I was ecstatic, each pregnancy I have had to be induced, so I thought having contractions at home was great. I had to speak in church on Sunday and was afraid that she would have a baby before I finished, silly me! Enrique keep sending us updates and by the time we were heading to church the contractions were about 8 minutes apart and getting more intense. In fact they were headed to the hospital because they were starting to get pretty bad. My parents came to church and listened to my talk. When I was done I found out that Anna was being watched at the hospital, nothing new really. So after church Chris, the kids and I headed over to the Nelson's because Anna still hadn't been 'admitted' to the hospital yet. They were still watching her and had given her some medication because the contractions were pretty intense. When we came home from Nelson's house Anna had finally been admitted, so I helped get the kids ready for bed and headed over to my parent's house to go with them to the hospital. I was beyond excited, I can't even explain the amount of excitement I had the entire time. I texted a few friends when I found out Anna was having contractions just because I had to tell someone, and Chris was in meetings all morning.... So my dad, mom, brother and I headed over to the hospital. We got there around 8 o'clock and the Trevino family was already there keeping the waiting room warm for us!Enrique's family was just as excited as we were. Fortunately they have a large waiting room with a great t.v. My dad grabbed my camera and took pictures of everyone there! Thanks Dad!
I pretty much had that smile on my face the entire time!
Of course we needed a picture of my dad to prove he was there, so here it is!

After about an hour or so Anna was finally given an Epidural and allowed people in to see her. Enrique came and got the parents, then Mom came and got Matt so Dad and Matt could give Anna a blessing. Then Enrique came out for a little break and breathing room.
He was so excited and tired all at the same time. He was such a great support to my sister through the whole thing and even took a few squeezes that actually hurt from my sister. (good job Anna, way to let him know who is 'really' stronger!)
This was his excited look! You could just feel the excitement radiating from him! I loved it!
I know, how rude to take a picture of a lady in labor, but she was feeling much better and said it was okay! Isn't she radiating motherhood!? We continued to take turns going in to visit her, as only 4 people were allowed in at a time. Finally around midnight they did a check and she was to a 9 and feeling some back pain. That was my que to exit the room until little Emily came. My Dad and Matt both had to work the next day and when 1:30am came around they finally left. Matt was so excited to hold and see a little baby that it drove him crazy to leave, but I promised to keep him informed as soon as I got any news.
Enrique's mom had left her phone in the waiting room so I was the only source of information from the delivery room, so every time my phone made a noise I had 3 very anxious sets of eyes on me! Finally around 2:30am I received a text that just said "2:22am" What a great relief this Aunt and Sister felt knowing that my little niece and Sister had made it through delivery!!! Finally I got more messages with more information. Little Emily came into this world weighting 5lbs and 13Oz. She was 17 1/2 inches long with lots of brown/black hair! She was taken to the NICU for a bit because she had used the 'restroom' a bit early. Once we were allowed back in to see Anna I was again overjoyed to see her okay. Being able to see something provides a lot more relief than just hearing it! She of course was exhausted but doing good! She had the epidural shakes but was in good spirits.
Finally around 4:15 they brought little Emily in for Mom to finally hold for more than 30 seconds! The joy in my sisters eyes is one I will never soon forget. The exhaustion and pain was all washed away as she looked into her new daughter's eyes and said hello!
What a precious moment for my sister! Holding the 'newest' love of her life in her arms!
Then I was given the opportunity of holding Emily and I think the smile says it all! (I might add that I think I look pretty good for being up for 21 hours at this point, don't you?)
I got home from the hospital around 5 and went right to sleep. Around 8 I woke up and did some work from home and then sent an e-mail saying I would be out the rest of the day! I went back out to the hospital that afternoon with my mother.
I am still amazed at how tiny this girl is. She does have some pretty long legs and toes for being so small.
All snug and warm, just sleeping her life away! :)
Later that night we dropped the kids off at my friends house so Chris and I could both see Emily and her parents! When we got there she was eating and afterwards she was wide awake!
Look at all that hair! She loves to smack her lips and suck on her fists! She makes the cutest expressions and makes the cutest sounds!
After she was done eating Uncle Chris was allowed to come in and hold her. He is always so cute with kids! I love to see him interact with newborns. He has never been afraid of them and his eyes are always so caring as he looks at them! I'm glad I married him, he's pretty great!
Yes, I still had the same smile on my face. Even as I write this, I'm smiling and can't wait to see this little lady again!
Grandpa Blackburn of course is already in love! He is also a great example of a man that loves kids and is not afraid that he is going to hurt them! I am learning more and more that I truly did marry my father, and that's okay with me!
Anna and Baby were both released from the hospital on Tuesday so I took the kids and my niece from Texas out to see them. Ethan held her and just kept saying "she is so tiny!" He also said after learning that Emily was out of Anna's belly, "Emily my cousin now?" He was cute with her and held her for a bit and then the just dropped his hands and was finished holding her! Silly Boy!
While Ethan held her he would rub the blanket as if comforting her, what a sweet and crazy child all in one!
This is two of my nieces. Brooke was such a sport in coming out to their house with me!
And then it was Katelee's turn. She wasn't that interested in the baby. She didn't care that I was holding another baby and really didn't want to come over. But she finally did. She is not the most gentle girl in the world and I had to protect Emily a little bit, but she did pretty good with her.
Staying true to her form here is a classic Katelee stare! She was done holding her and didn't know what else to do. She stared for a while and then arched her back trying to get down. I am convinced that had Emily been crying Katelee would have cared about her more, as she thinks she needs to take care of all the babies that are not happy. She will give them their bottles or binkies and is relentless until they stop crying!
I love being an Aunt! I love having a sister that I love with all my heart! I would do anything for this new little family! I welcome my sister to the Mother's Club with very open arms. The roads of motherhood may be the most challenging I've ever experienced and might ever experience, however they are the most joyful I have yet experienced!!! Little Emily already has a little chunk of my heart! Welcome to Earth, we are so excited to have you here!!!!


Heidi said...

What a sweet post and a great recap of emily's birth! I can't wait to meet her!! I need to go see them and get my fix before my little munchkin gets here!!

tiffunny said...

I'm so happy for Anna. And how nice for baby Emily to come on her own right before her due date. Wish my kids would ever do that. Send Anna our congratulations!!

Blackett's Blog said...

Cute baby. And so much hair. Shes making me want a baby now:)