Monday, March 22, 2010

Change of Plans

In preparation of doing my first ever Sprint Triathlon I have been running a little and doing an ab workout at least 3 times a week. Well last week was a busy one for me and I slacked on my ab workouts. I went for a run with Ethan on Saturday and was determined to get back into my ab routine yesterday. Well we got home from dinner at the Nelson's and got the kids ready for bed. Sometimes Ethan will work out with me and sometimes he just plain says "no!" While Chris was putting Katelee down for the night I sat Ethan down and had a conversation about how we behave at church. (He was taken out by the Primary Secretary and they had discussed sitting still and behaving as well.) Ethan was receptive to my comments but kept saying, "oh, my tummy hurts!" I figured it was just him trying to get out of trouble but by the time Chris came back downstairs I had him look at his belly. Ethan only complained of it hurting on the left side and he was consistent in telling us exactly where it hurt. Chris felt for some swelling and thought he felt an air bubble. We gave Ethan a Tums and he wanted me to hold him. I figured I'd hold him for a bit and then take him to bed. Well soon enough he fell asleep in my arms, which never happens. I was even able to wash his face without him waking up, however ever 10 or so minutes he would wake up crying and complaining that his tummy hurt. The poor little guy really was in some serious pain. Around 8:45pm I took him upstairs to get him in his own bed, but the pain seemed to be worse, so we ended up on the couch upstairs for another hour or more! Ever time he would wake up in pain we would move until he felt better and then he would say, "We need to read the Book of Mormon!" Finally I had Chris bring up the Book of Mormon so Ethan could stop worrying about missing out on that, silly kid! Finally around 10:30 or 11 Ethan asked if Daddy could give him a blessing, which Chris willingly did and then Ethan decided that he couldn't sleep in his bed but ours would be fine. By 11:30 Ethan was feeling good laying down next to me in bed. Needless to say the bed that normally fits two adults seemed like the size of a twin bed.... Ethan loves his room and moves and kicks constantly! Around 1:30 and then again at 4 he woke up in pain, but seems to feel okay when we woke up today.

Anyways back to the point of the story, I was determined that there was nothing that was going to stand in my way of working out last night, however I think my time was much better spent doing this.....

Than working out! Last night I was able to provide a little bit of relief to my little boy, I got to feel his heartbeat slow down after crying and felt him completely relaxed in my arms! Last night I was able to say a prayer of thanks for Everything that Ethan has done to improve my life!!! How grateful I am for the small moments where I can recognize how wonderful my son is and how he has completely changed my life for the better! So what if my abs aren't rock hard, or even close to firm.... I got to hold my son for a good 3 hours and let him know how much I love him by being there for him! That is way more important to me than some silly abs that don't bring me even a hundredth amount of joy that Ethan and Katelee bring to me! So last night my plans did change.... For the Better!


Keever Family said...

I hope Ethan is feeling better, I hate to hear of them not feeling good. He looks so peaceful, like he is posing in that picture! He is adorable!

Heidi said...

Very good perspective Hilary!! Thank you for writing down your thoughts on your experience! It was very touching and sweet! Ethan is a lucky boy to have you as his mom and for you to appreciate what joy you have!!