Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ethan's First Dentist Visit

On Friday, February 19th Ethan went to the Dentist for the very first time. I figured he has quite a few teeth and we need to make sure everything is going good, so why not take him in to see the dentist. When I made the appointment Chris told me he would miss school so he could go with us. So we hyped the Dentist up to Ethan and by Friday he was excited to go. Here is my big boy on the way to the dentist. Not even scared a little!

We checked in and Ethan looked at all the cool magazines for kids and even colored a little, then they called us back. Ethan hopped right into the chair.....

And made himself quite comfortable!

When the Dr. did come in Ethan acted a little shy, but did shake his hand. Chris knows Dr. Gubler from when he worked at the Bank. They talked for a little bit and then Ethan was Dr. Gubler's focus!

He showed him his cool gloves and even the little mirror and tool that he was going to use to "count" his teeth!

Then he showed Ethan the cool light he had. Ethan paid attention to everything.

I think this is my favorite photo. Ethan is totally relaxed while the Dr. has the instruments in his mouth. This kid is really a super brave and tough kid! The Dr. said his teeth are perfect and that we can probably come back in six months for a cleaning because he did SO well! The only bad thing he did notice is Ethan has a cross-bite, so he recommended we see an orthodontist to see what they recommend doing. I have done some research and asked a few local orthodontist what they think. They suggest, of course, bringing him in and they will evaluate him and see exactly what he needs. But normally they don't do much until they are about 7. So we'll see how that plays out!

Ethan was so relaxed the entire time, I guess I really shouldn't expect anything else from this boy. He really sets such a great example of the perfect child when at the Dr. He probably thought the Dentist was the best Dr. because he didn't get blood drawn, a shot or his belly pushed around.

For being such a great patient Ethan was able to pick two stickers and a toy. He picked two "Cars" stickers and a toy airplane. And he gave us a nice cheese for the final picture! Look at those beautiful teeth! :) Good Job Ethan! We are so proud of you!


Keever Family said...

such a brave big boy! And what a beautiful smile! I am not looking forward to taking Connor and Caitlin in to see the dentist!

tiffunny said...

congrats on having such a big boy! doesn't it make visiting the dentist so nice as a mom?

Blackett's Blog said...

I love that the dentist name is Dr. Gubler. Classic. I wouldn't worry about a cross bite (I don't really know what that is) because these are his baby teeth and he will lose them. I think docs and dentists etc try to scare us parents into doing things we really don't need too. I wish Brax had been so good. Oh well.

Eddie said...

His teeth are shining in the last photo! Haha! He's such a cutie, especially while sitting that way(his hands are on his head). Hmm, Ethan has a crossbite? It must be really too early to tell, but you should consult it already to the experts. Ethan may have to wear braces, removable plates, or quad helix to correct his crossbite condition.

--Eddie Storms