Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pieces of Our November

November was pretty busy for our little family so this post will just be some random things that went on. Katelee is around 14 months old and she just barely got her first haircut. Ethan was 6 or 7 months old when he had his first haircut, but each child is different I guess. Katelee didn't really need a haircut, but I figured a little trim couldn't hurt! So this is her before. She did a really good job. She only got difficult towards the end and even then it wasn't bad.And this is our little Princess after. Can't really tell a difference. Her hair in the back use to be long enough to put in two ponytails, but after the haircut it's just not quite long enough. Katelee's hair in the back is pretty thick but the stuff on top isn't. She still has brown hair and I don't really see that changing any time soon. Katelee has quite curly hair in the back and I just love that. My hair can be curly or straight, I consider myself pretty lucky and I'm hoping this trait carries on to her!
See the curls..... I love them!

One night Katelee was being ornery and I had had my feel, so I gave in and gave her some playing cards that Ethan had gotten from the Pinata at Aunt Anna and Uncle Enrique's Halloween Party. A little later I realized that Katelee was being well behaved and not screaming at EVERYONE so I looked in the living room and this is what she was doing. What a well behaved daughter I have when she gets her way!
The other day after church choir practice I came home and found my little man and his Daddy taking their Sunday nap. Ethan loves to cuddle when his is going to sleep, sometimes. When I lay down with him for naps he will hold my hand and then I have to sneak it away when I get up after he has fallen asleep. I love those little moments and try to remember them when he is being mean or crazy. (I know he is a little old for the Binky, but it has proven to be nearly impossible to get that thing away from him. The day he turned 3 he said, "I no need this any more," and he threw it away. But when it came bedtime he was searching the garbage and begging to get it back. If anyone has any good ideas on breaking this habit I'd love to hear them!)
After I took the picture of Ethan and Chris I came downstairs to this! Katelee was not a happy camper that I left her by herself for a few seconds! What a needy cutie pie!
Hopefully soon I will have our Thanksgiving pictures posted so everyone can see the fun things we got to do while in Utah!


Heidi said...

I love her curls!! I never realized she had those back there! Too cute! =)
Binky breaking...I have heard a few ideas...sending it away on a balloon to another baby who needs it. Or...if there is something he wants at the store, then have him buy that item with his binky...so you take him into Walmart and he picks out his toy and then at the register he trades that for his toy (and of course you pay your money to the cashier without him noticing)./
Good luck!

tiffunny said...

The only trick i know about binky breaking is just taking it away & never letting it show up again. Kids forget about it faster than we think usually - although the older they get, they might remember better. In my own experience, it's always been much harder for ME to give up the binky than it has been for the kids - because I just always think it's going to be way worse than it ends up being & I think they will never know how to go to sleep without it, etc. But they always surprise me & act like they never even cared. Good luck!

And Katelee's curls are adorable. Reminds me of some of my girls when they were little.