Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ethan's Latest Injury

While visiting Utah for Thanksgiving Ethan had a little accident that involved this fireplace....And I think the Fireplace won! Poor Ethan accidentally leaned against the glass of the fireplace and immediately pulled away and said "mommy it hot!" and then the tears came. The poor boy doesn't usually cry when pain comes so this threw me into "oh crap medical mom!" I picked him up got him in the kitchen put a bag of frozen veggies on him and just held him for a while. I had no idea how bad it was or really what to do with a burn. I took the veggies off and thought his whole arm was red because of the coldness. Ethan was a little calmer, only crying every once in a while. I took him up to see Chris since he is better at medical stuff than I am and his reaction made Ethan cry even more. Chris described it as a glimpse of what our Heavenly Father must feel whenever one of us hurts ourselves. He wanted to do anything to take that pain away. We looked up burns on Web MD and decided we had done the right things Chris ran to the store (oh yeah, it was Thanksgiving morning too) and picked up some bandages and we bandaged it up. After the bandage was on Ethan and Aunt Lisa went to the park. Ethan never cried or even complained again about his arm. He is a little trooper. His arm is looking better and I'm hoping it doesn't leave any marks. Amazing what things you can actually handle when you are forces to go through them!

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