Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FHE-Christmas Lights

The other night for Family Home Evening we decided to go to Sam's Town and see their light display. Before we left we watched a video about the birth of Christ. The kids had fun looking at all of the lights and they had really cute animals too. Katelee went from one person's arms to the next. She loves to be held and she loves to spread the love to everyone.

Ethan wanted to be held so he could see some of the displays better. This kid is getting heavy and of course my mother with the bad back is the one that he wants to pick him up! (and this is the face Ethan gives when you ask him to smile, it's like he thinks so hard about what a smile is that he forgets!)

I thought a family photo by the big bow would be cute.... Now if only we were all smiling.... Thanks Ethan! I love the Christmas time and especially love it now that Ethan is old enough to be excited and learn about Christmas! He has been so fun this year and I can't wait to see how he reacts on Christmas Day!

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