Monday, April 20, 2009

Twilight and Other Random Thoughts

I know, I know, I haven't updated our blog in like FOREVER... I must start by telling everyone that I was in a Compliance Seminar all week last week and the only way I can update our pictures is through a device that I keep at work. So we have REALLY cute pictures from Easter and such, but they are still on the camera at home. There are plenty of updates to come when I get the pictures downloaded onto my computer! But I guess I can tell you a few random stories....

1. A while back some ladies in my ward were talking about the Twilight series. They were all so fascinated with this book and finished the last one in a matter of days. When I found out it was about Vampires I refused to read it. Vampires just didn't do anything for me, and I felt like it was probably going to be too far fetched to really enjoy. (you know because Harry Potter is completely believable :) Well for my Birthday Anna and Enrique bought me the whole series, all four books. I still wasn't that interested in reading them, but I had just finished another series and was in need of something to read and do while I pumped my life away. I figures, we'll I now own the books I might as well read the first one and see if I like it. Well about 20 days later I finished the last book... Needless to say I was addicted. From the first chapter the book drew me in and I just couldn't put it down. Now all of you mothers out there and fathers, know there is not enough time in a day to read, however I MADE time to read. I read at red lights and found myself looking forward to them. I'd be coming up to a green light and hoping it would turn red so I could read more. I bought the movie and thought they did a pretty good job with it, Of course Books are ALWAYS better than the movie. Anyways, reading this series got me interested in following my real dream of writing a novel one day, and I have about 12 pages of a book written. Not that I'll ever let anyone read it....

2. Yesterday when Chris picked Ethan up from nursery he was informed that Ethan BIT another kid. I can't believe it, my son is the kid that bites people. YEAH! He didn't break the skin, not that that makes it okay, but at least it wasn't a crazy bloody bit! So I was thinking, maybe at night Ethan was getting my Twilight books and reading them himself. He must be an Edward fan! :) I'm partly contributing his biting to the Breathing Treatment he has to do two times a day. It is a steroid and steroids are linked to aggression, mood swings and on and on... Oh course this does not make it okay either, and we are trying to think how we can get this problem fixed. He has bitten Katelee before, once she didn't even cry, but Ethan did because he got a swat from Grandma! If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.

3. Katelee has started sitting up really well. She went from arching her back every time we tried to sit her down, to sitting like she has been forever. I love it. She is just the cutest little girl and I love to see her progress. Along with the sitting up she has become an expert at rolling over! She rolls until she gets where she wants to go. We put hard wood floors in and that makes for a hard challenge to keep her on a blanket or rug! She will be a tough girl...

4. Chris is participating in a study that measures the tissue temperature after being iced. So they are going to ice his leg and then poke him with a REAL BIG needle to get a temperature reading. He says they might even have to give him a shot of Novocaine because the needle is big. I think that is how they are doing it, however for more details you will have to talk to Chris about it! :)

5. Last week we visited Anna's ward because she was singing and playing a piano solo, which she did fabulous on! Anyways her bishop challenged everyone to walk to church the next Sunday. So Chris, Katelee and Ethan walked to church. (I was at a Youth Conference church meeting and meet them later) When I got back to our ward Sunday School was just getting out and Chris was in the lobby with Katelee. (It had been two hours since church started) Chris said he was just now cooling down from walking to church! But I was proud of him for walking... I know it made Ethan and Katelee's day. They love to be outside!

6. As I said above I was in a Compliance class/seminar from Tuesday-Friday last week. It was very educational and I also realized that I'm way too outgoing and friendly to be a Compliance Officer. Everyone there was very reserved and not very nice. The girl next to me finally started to warm up by Friday, but I didn't let that stop me from cracking jokes. :) I was the only local there and they thought that was pretty cool, but they only talked to me to see what they needed to see while they were here. Of course Chris and I avoid the strip so I wasn't much help!

7. Katelee is getting better at the whole sleep thing. She is sleeping better at night, however she now cries when we first put her down for a while. I'm sure she'll get over that, but I'll take her crying when we put her down to her crying in the middle of the night!

8. This weekend was Youth Conference for my ward and I went to a few of the activities. The first activity was Wednesday, a Talent show. There were a few of people that when they started I just wanted to roll up in a ball and die for them. It amazes me that some people can sing so bad and still think they sound great, but it also amazes me that people have the guts to get up in front of a large group of teenagers and do stuff! So kudos to them! :) Then Friday night was a dance. I was actually excited for this one. I loved church dances back in my teenage days and thought I'd have fun. Well can I just tell you this a big dud of a group. For the first hour of the dance everyone just stood in their groups and talked. Finally it got a little better, but no one out there danced as good as Liesl, Tenille or I use to! Unfortunately the girls from our ward were some of the biggest duds so I didn't even get to dance with them! (Although one of our 14 year old girls danced with 4 different guys in one song. I guess she was trying to make them all feel special!) Maybe next time I'll start some dancing! Sunday there was a testimony meeting that went pretty well. However it still had some drama. The second girl to talk either passed out or tripped and fell on her way down. Luckily one of the guys on stage is a Dr. so I just sat there and didn't worry about me having to use my First Aid or CPR skills! :)

9. While I was at the above events Chris was with the kids. I'm really grateful for a husband that doesn't complain about my calling and the time it leaves him with the kids at night. Getting them both ready for bed and the same time is a hard task that my husband is more capable of doing than I am. Thank you Chris for always being so supportive and loving me and your kids unconditionally.

10. When I get the pictures on my computer I will have more stories to tell, I hope these ones last you all for a little while! :)


Steph said...

Can you be any busier? Holy Moly. It was good to see you the other day. Havn't seen you in awhile. I am going to have to borrow those twilight books. I always had the same thoughts as you but now I guess im wrong. haha

tiffunny said...

Wow - look at you doing a nice, long catch-up post too! I loved it!

Heidi said...

Glad you finally gave in and read the Twilight books!! I was pleasantly surprised with the movie!