Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Sunday

For Easter we went to church with Aunt Anna and Uncle Enrique because Anna played the piano. So we had to get up early and didn't have time to take pictures before church. This is the kids after church. They were both a little cranky and Katelee needed a nap... So this is as good as it gets... Ethan really does love his sister, most of the time!
The best Family picture we could get!

Ethan and one of his fake smiles!

My little Princess!

I can't believe we got this to come out. I wish we actually had baseboards so this picture would look better! Isn't he a little cheeser?


Rachel said...

I love your hair in your family picture. So cute!

Get Hooked said...

I love those last two pictures. Too cute! I was also going to compliment your hair. I love it!

tiffunny said...

that last picture cracks me up - such a little poser! Love it.