Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Old Elmers Glue!

Since my daughter does not have very much hair, we decided to glue a bow in. It works great, and apparently this is how my bows stayed in my hair at this age! What is nice is it comes off really easily and the glue just wipes off with a wet cloth! Katelee was stunning at church on Sunday with her bow, until she decided to hit her head with her hand, and off came the bow! I always dreaded having a girl because I would have to do her hair, but this gluing thing isn't half bad!


Brandi said...

My mom used Karo syrup on my sisters bows until she was almost 8 months!

tiffunny said...

i used karo syrup on my newborns too (although my 2nd had so much hair she never needed "sticky" things to keep bows in). By 3 months they usually had enough to do other things. I'd never heard of the elmer's glue thing.

Heidi said...

Someone at church just told me about the Elmer's thing too! I alos heard Karo syrup and KY jelly (ha ha). I always just use headbands though.