Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ethan loves Dog Poo!!

My son is infatuated with picking up Dog Poo... Or at least the idea of it. Everyday when Grandpa Blackburn gets home Ethan and Grandpa go outside and pick up the dog poo. When I say pick up the dog poo I mean Grandpa picks it up and Ethan runs around outside! Here is a conversation we had in the car the other day:

Ethan: Knock Knock
Me and Chris: Who's there?
Ethan: Grandpa
Me and Chris: Grandpa who?
Ethan: Dog Poo

Ethan: Knock Knock
Me and Chris: Who's there?
Ethan: Dog Poo
Me and Chris: Dog Poo Who?
Ethan: Grandpa! Ha Ha Ha!

Then Sunday at church Chris handed Ethan his toy phone and said "call Grandpa" So Ethan acts like he is on the phone and says:

"Grandpa, Dog Poo?" (ramblings that only Ethan knows the meaning of) and then "Dog Poo?" Well it was pretty quiet in church so a few people heard him. Chris and I just smiled and told the guy in front of us that he likes to pick up Dog Poo! :) You have to love kids and the darned things they say!


Get Hooked said...

This made me laugh out loud! It is so funny what kids come up with. When Alyssa was about 18 months old we went to my mom's house a lot! We would sing a song that went a little like this.
Grandma's house, Grandma's house we love Grandma's house.
Later she started calling my mom house house!

So my mom is house house and your dad is grandpa dog poo!


Heidi said...

Too funny! Boys always do tend to lean towards liking the gross stuff! Girls are all prinessey and boys are talking about farts and poop!! =)

tiffunny said...

Funny - at least him & grandpa can bond over something.

Rachel said...

Kids are here to keep us laughing. That's all my 3-year old does is make me laugh.