Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crying it Out Night Two!

So last night we let Katelee cry it out again. All the books that I have read say it usually takes two nights, and the 2nd night is the worst. I sure hope they are right, because last night she was determined. She cried off and on for a good 45 minutes. She started out crying a little and then stopping and then she went to straight screaming! I stayed downstairs this time, so the crying wasn't as loud. (It was still pretty darn loud downstairs...) Finally while I was saying my prayers she stopped. Of course I thought oh she'll just start up again in a minute, she didn't! I was so excited. I waited about 20 minutes this time and then went to put her bottle in her room. She was out and she looked content. No scowl on her face! So I jumped into bed and wouldn't you know it I couldn't fall asleep. I watched some t.v. and then finally fell asleep! Then around 1:30 I hear Katelee moving around so I go in and give her the binky! (don't know if I should have done that, but oh well) Then I see that Ethan's light is on. The boy was us reading a book in the middle of his floor. So I tell him to get back to bed. Katelee is fusing again so I go get Chris so I can go pump. He gets her back to sleep and goes to bed. When I get done pumping Ethan's light is back on. I go in again and tell him that I'm going to take away his toys and to get back in bed. I go back to bed only to be woken up 30 minutes later by Ethan's door opening and closing. So I grab my pillow and march into his room. I point to his bed and and runs over to it. I shut off the light and lay down on his floor. I wake up an hour later and go back to my bed. 4:45 Katelee starts crying. I feed her and try to get her back to sleep. She doesn't want to no matter what I do. So I go get Chris and have him deal with her. She goes to sleep and we sleep till 6:30 when it's time to get up! So I think we had a pretty good night. Doesn't it figure when Katelee has a good night, Ethan doesn't! Crazy!!!!


Heidi said...

My kids have all done that too...At about 2ish, they have certain nights (like 1 or 2 a month) where they wake up and are just UP. They aren't crying but they don't want to go to sleep! It is soooo frustrating! I feel for you. Because like you said, if it isn't one, it's the other!! Good luck tonight!!

tiffunny said...

Tuesday . . . hmmmm I seriously think that's the night that Mallory woke up at 3am and thought it was time to play too! She never wakes up at all in the night ever and so i thought something might be wrong. I laid on her floor for awhile and she was just playing too loudly and kept asking to go down on the couch and watch tv. So finally we went down to the couch and i kept thinking she'd fall asleep cause i made her lay down on the couch and she never did. In fact she didn't go to sleep until her nap after lunch!!! It was crazy & i was dead tired cause she wouldn't let me sleep either. I wonder what was up with our 2 year olds on that night!!!

tiffunny said...

and yes kids definitely have a knack for alternating who wakes you up. Whenever the "problem" kid is having a good night, another one steps in to fill the position. So frustrating and ridiculous but i can promise you it ends. I almost NEVEr have to get up in the night anymore. I'm talking maybe once every 2 or 3 months or something. So it will end someday!!!