Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boys Day Out

The other morning I woke up feeling like total crap! Chris could tell that I probably needed to be alone for a while so he said "Ethan do you want to go see some snow?" Ethan instantly goes "Grampa, no, Grampa no!" (translated this means Grandpa, Snow) Chris said "I guess we can call Grandpa and see is he wants to go with us." So I call my dad and ask him what he is doing. He was heading out to the dry lake bed with the dog, but said I'll be right over. (side note: Grandpa Blackburn is Ethan's best buddy. My dad is so cute with Ethan. Everyday when my dad gets home from work, Ethan takes grandpa outside and points out all of the "dog Poo" for my dad to pick up! My dad will call randomly to talk to Ethan on the phone just to say good night... He is so cute with him) Anyways, Chris, Ethan and Grandpa Blackburn head off for the mountains to find some snow for Ethan to play in. While they were gone I got a nice hot bath with Katelee seating in her bouncy seat next to the tub. I was feeling better so Katelee and I headed over to my mom's house to hang out! Needless to say the boys had a really good time and so did I. Ethan with Grandpa
Ethan and Daddy

Ethan just wondering around
Ethan with Grandpa again!
Thank you Chris and Grandpa for giving me a much needed break from my favorite "crazy" kid!


Heidi said...

I love how he loves your dad so much. That is so cute!!

tiffunny said...

I always knew your dad would be the bestest grandpa. He's just too cute with little kids!! How lucky for little Ethan - and i'm glad you got a little "break" as well.