Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tis the Asthma Season

Our house does not like Asthma season, especially poor Ethan.  During the allergy season Ethan's asthma is always bad.  He will do OK during the day but at night he will wake up and not be able to breath well, or cough all night.  There are many night that I will set the nebulizer up and prop Ethan up and he will sleep through almost the entire treatment.  The poor boy, I still remember his first nebulizer treatment and would have never guessed that he would one day sleep through a treatment.  

I usually lay down with him so I can take it off when it's done but this night the baby started crying so I had to go into her room and get her taken care of.  When I came back he just looked too precious and I had to snap this picture.    

One morning before school Ethan woke up early and got all dressed.  He was weezing quite bad so I told him to lay down in my bed and do a treatment.  When I finished getting dressed and came back into my room this is what I saw......
 A boy, his dog and his nebulizer....  We sure do hate asthma in our house, but we are grateful for medicine that helps make it easier to deal with.  And for sweet pictures of this boy with his mask on..... 

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