Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This Mother's day was great.  I have four wonderful children that call me Mom, and I'm so thankful for that.  Ethan made me a mother, but each kid after that has made me a different kind of mother, as they are all so different to mother.  Ethan is a boy and beyond crazy at times.  He has a sweet, kind and huge heart, but sometimes his boyish craziness gets in the way of that shining.  Katelee is a sweet, opinionated and shy girl when she wants to be.  She can flip on a dime, but loves with all of her heart the things she loves.  Ashlee is our "monster" child, she is active, loud and a free spirit.  She keeps us on our toes ALWAYS and gets called "little Hilary" far more than I would like.  And then Brynlee is our ever sweet and wonderful infant.  They each share my heart equally and my life wouldn't be complete without each and every one of these amazing kids.  They make me smile, cry, pull my hair out and rejoice.  They make me feel that I have accomplished something wonderful in the life, with more pressure and worry that I have so much work ahead of me.  I love being a mother and look forward to the day that it is my only full time job to do! 

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