Monday, March 31, 2014

Take Your Parent to School Day

The other day was Take Your Parent to School day for Ethan and Katelee.  Ethan's teacher was going to be out of town on the "real" day, so she had all of her parents come the day before.  I was able to go with Ethan for the first half of the day.  Ms Miller had coffee and bagels for the parents and Ethan thought it was funny that Ms Miller thought I drank coffee.  I tried to explain that many people drink coffee in the morning, he just kept laughing...  I was able to see how they do their phonic and what a typical morning looks like for Ethan.  He is a smart kid, but even with me sitting right there he was getting bored and messing around with stuff in his desk and not paying the best attention to what was going on.  I got to sit in an Ethan size chair for 2-3 hours and that proved to be quite uncomfy in the end.  I got to do station with him, and see him interact with the kids in his class.  Then I got to go to recess with him as well.  I was a little bummed that I'm 8 month pregnant and not able to run around with him while he played soccer, but it was fun to watch.  He was moving the entire recess and I was tired just watching him.  Then I got to have lunch with him.  I considered buying school lunch with him until we walked in and found out it was sack lunches.  No thank you to the Bologna and cheese sandwich...  Good thing it was only 10:30 and I wasn't too hungry!  After lunch I headed back to work, but had so much fun with him.  I know he was excited I was there and we talked about it when I got home from work that night too.  I have worked in his class in the afternoon before, so I pretty much know what all day looks like for him now.  I don't blame him for getting bored, I get bored while I'm there sometimes too...  I love visiting the school and letting the kids see how important education is to us and also showing them that we care about what they are doing at school. 

Katelee's day to take a parent was the next day and Chris was able to go with her.  She really wanted both of us to go, but we thought it might be a little crowded and I had just helped in her class the week or two before, so I let Daddy do this one.  Chris had fun seeing Katelee at school.  She is such a sweet, quiet girl at school.  She is the ideal student, raising her hand, answering questions when called on, knowing the right answers and being a big helper.  It's so interesting to see the differences between Kate and Ethan when it comes to school.  Katelee was able to show her dad the daily routines, calendar, recess, centers and more.  Since it was a Friday he was also able to see her take a spelling test and even go to the computer lab.  (The picture is from the computer lab)  Kate was so excited to have Chris there and he enjoyed himself as well.  I was able to hear all about it from Kate when I got home from work that day!  You could see the excitement in her eyes as she told me what they did and that she enjoyed having Chris there. 

I'm so thankful that the kids' school has days like this where the kids and the parents are able to enjoy one another and show the parents what they do all day.  A day for the kids to feel special and be the center of their parents attention.  I know that I take for granted that my kids are at school every weekday and that this is a major part of their growing and development.  It's great to see them interact with their classmates and teachers.  To see them get bored and truly enjoy learning and being educated.  I'm so glad we were able to work our schedules to be able to enjoy this one on one time with our kids! 

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