Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Tooth Bites the Dust

 Ethan has lost yet another tooth.  This makes a total of 5, front four (two upper and two lower) and now a side tooth.  He has been messing with this tooth for a little while, last time I checked it I didn't think it felt too loose, but the other day my mother looked over and Ethan had the thing practically laying flat.  So she wiggled it a bit and then my dad looked at it.  Ethan didn't want anyone pulling it out, but finally my dad was able to bribe him into letting him touch it and the next thing I know it's out.  It didn't hurt Ethan at all and he was able to get a dollar from the tooth fairy for it. 

Side note, Ethan is very attached to his teeth.  The last tooth he lost he wouldn't put it out for the tooth fairy.  He left her a note saying that he just wanted to keep it and he didn't need any money for it.  The tooth fairy let him know that she really would like it and she would take very goo care of it.  He finally gave in, but was very sad when he saw that she had actually taken it.  This time he left a cute little note for the tooth fairy again, saying he was really going to miss this tooth and to take good care of it.  She promised to take very good care of it, and he still hasn't gotten the dollar out of the container she left it in.

Our little guy just keeps getting older and older and there is nothing I can do about it!!!  His top front teeth have already started coming in so he doesn't look too crazy, but his mouth is changing without my permission!  

It's a bit hard to see but look to the right of his center teeth.   

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