Friday, February 14, 2014

30 Weeks

So I have made it to 30 weeks and still growing.  I realized that I haven't blogged that much about this pregnancy so I thought I would give an update.  I have been feeling pretty good lately.  About a month or so ago I was plagued with a cold that I just couldn't get rid of.  I would feel better one day and then wake up completely miserable the next.  I finally got some antibiotics from the OBGYN once we reached 3 weeks of trying to fight it.  They seemed to work and got to feeling pretty good.  I still have a cold and a small cough at times, but compared to how I was feeling before I consider myself healed!!  The big problem with that cold is that I wasn't really able to ride my new bike or run because I couldn't breath while doing it.  One day while feeling better I rode for about 30 minutes and the next day I felt horrible so I didn't dare do that again.  I will blame that for gaining 12lbs in 5 weeks at one point.  (There were also the holidays, but I'm sticking to the cold as the reason for the gain)  It's actually quite odd, because with Ethan and Katelee I gained 12lbs as well in one month.  I guess my body just decides to be pregnant one month and I pay for it on the scale.  Luckily this last month I only gained 3 lbs, so I feel much better about that.  Currently I'm up 30lbs total and I'm ok with that.  I saw the doctor Monday and I'm measuring quite a bit larger than normal.  I was 29 1/2 weeks and measuring 34.  I tend to measure a bit bigger with my babies and I'm sure the weight gain is not helping much...  The dr. has requested that I do another ultrasound just to check the size of the baby, she doesn't feel any bigger than the others, but my memory isn't all that good either...  Brynlee is quite active and loves to keep it moving in there.  I love to feel her kicks and crazy movements, it doesn't get much better than feeling that baby move around.  The only time it gets a bit annoying is at work when I pull in close to my desk.  I end up with part of my belly touching the desk and apparently Brynlee doesn't like that, so she gives quite the kicks against the desk.  It hurts a bit, so I usually end up moving back...  I guess if my space was being invaded I would probably fight back as well.  If she is being super active and I'm trying to get some rest or it has become a bit much I just have Chris put his hand on my belly and she calms down.  It's funny, Chris has a magic calming hand.  She usually stops completely.  Poor Chris doesn't get to feel her much because of his magic touch, but it sure helps me out at times!  The kids are super excited and I love it.  Ethan is always the sweetest to my belly, he has always been this way all the way back to when I was pregnant with Katelee.  Katelee is typical Katelee, cold and hot with my belly.  She will kiss it at times and then goes weeks without really acknowledging it at all.  Ashlee is always pointing out that I have a baby in my tummy and she just has a tummy.  She tends to pat my tummy more than anything else.  She is excited to be a big sister, but I'm positive she has no clue what is coming...  This baby has caused me a bit more sickness than the others, I tend to get much more indigestion and heartburn with her.  I have issues of waking up swallowing vomit, yummy, making for a full night of sleeping propped up with my bucket in arms.  No big deal, she is already worth it!  It is a bit uncomfortable and a tad annoying, but I haven't been able to identify a trigger.  I still can't believe that we are having our THIRD girl...  Ethan is still a little bitter that he doesn't get a brother, but he isn't mad at the baby for being a girl!  We just learned today that the hospital we have delivered all of our kids at is closing their maternity ward on April 17th...  I'm due the 25th...  We might still make it, but odds are we will be delivering at a new hospital for our last little one.  Chris takes his PT Board Exam on April 30th and we have been going back and forth about trying to wait until after that to have this baby.  That way Chris would be able to study without a newborn to help out with.  The doctor is fine with going a week late, but with me measuring big we will just have to see.  Then sometimes I think it might be best to have this baby before his exam..  What if we wait and then I go into labor on my own the night before, the day of the exam...  That wouldn't be good!  So we shall see, knowing our kids and how stubborn they are, Brynlee will decide to come on her own so we have no choice in the matter...  Whatever happens will be great!  I'm flying to Houston in two weeks for a work meeting, that should be fun!  I have been given instructions from the dr to stand and stretch every hour and take a nap as soon as I get there.  Chris is giving me stretches to do on the plane...  I'm sure I will be up every hour going potty with the amount of water my doctor wants me to drink on the plane.  I can't wait for all the stares I'm going to get at the airport...  We have a lot going on in the Nelson household, a birthday, school, sports and more so I have been keeping busy!  I haven't had a freak out moment yet about having another kid, I have been extremely excited from day one with this one...  I'm sure that moment will come, but for now I'm just looking forward to a little baby girl coming to our tiny little house and completing our family!!! 

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