Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ashlee, My Ashlee

Our Ashlee is growing up so fast I don't know where the time has gone.  This girl is a crack up and full of sass.  She knows what she wants and she wants what she wants.  She is a funny girl and loves to laugh!  I wanted to put some pictures of the different faces of this girl.  We just love her so much and cannot imagine what our family would be like without her!
 Cute one day before church.  Love that her little curls are starting to show...
 The other day we took Ashlee to Build a Bear to use a gift card she got for Christmas.  She LOVED it, and she loved her new Dog.  This girl loves to cuddle, our only kid that has been one.  She loves stuffed animals and even sleeps with them. 
 Throwing a little tantrum before church right after her cute picture...
On our way to Grandma's house one day.  It was a bit cold and we were in the car that takes a while to heat up.  She was loving the gloves and the blanket, but they were both off after about 10 minutes.
 Cutie Pie after a bath.  Love her crazy hair.  It may be short and taking forever to grow, but it is still cute!!!  And look at that smile! 
 This is Ashlee's latest face when you ask her to smile for a picture.  Apparently she thinks she is smiling and looking super cute too!  The girl is crazy!
 Ashlee is a girlie girl.  She loves all things girlie and she loves all things boyish too.  She got this new purse from her Aunt Lisa and she is loving it! 
 Ashlee before church today.  At least her smile is a little closer to looking like one.  She is just a plain cutie pie, to me at least!  But I'm sure I'm quite bias.
Just wanted to add this picture to show all of her curls.  She is following in her sisters footsteps for sure!  I love it because it helps me with doing their hair.  I just have to throw some product in it and BAM it looks pretty nice.  Oh how we love this girl!  How she gives us a run for our money and we are so grateful for it!


Get Hooked said...

I love that girl too! She is so darling. Sooo... What "Product" do you use? My Krysta has curl and I have no idea what to do for it.

Edoardoprimo said...

Complimenti, una bella famiglia.
dalla Sicilia vi mando un ciao, Edo