Monday, June 11, 2012

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Christopher Nelson!!!

I know, I know.  Chris graduated on May 20th and I'm just now posting about it...  Things have been a bit crazy around here.  But late is better than not at all.  There are an abundance of photos, but I couldn't decide which ones not to include so I just put them all in here!!!  
I can still remember writing this post 3 1/2 Years It's funny to look back at that...  Well the day we have been waiting for since we got married has finally came.  And what a day it was!!!  I will leave some minor details out and talk about those in a later post.  Since Chris' school is a private Jewish school graduation was held on a Sunday, Saturday is their Sabbath.  Those that came for the long ceremony were Uncle Brian from Texas, Aunt Lisa from Utah, Aunt Anna, Uncle Enrique and Emily.  Also both sets of parents were there....  So much fun!    
Here is a picture of half of the crew before graduation started.  Uncle Brian had a Nook, Aunt Lisa was journaling and Ethan was playing with someones Wii.                                                                            

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Ethan and Katelee from the graduation.  They really were such good kids during the whole thing, thanks to electronics and Aunts and Uncles!

Like with any graduation ceremony the graduates get to walk in.  Because Chris' Physical Therapy class was the first one for Touro Nevada they were the first ones to walk in.  I have to say I got choked up after he walked by and even shed a tear, so emotional...  It was so official with him in his gown and cap...

Here are just a few pictures of Chris at his seat up front!


Chris never realized my sister was up front taking pictures of him...  We have like 10 from this close and he isn't looking at a one of them!  Everyone around him is, but not him!

That is Chris on the right getting ready to have his name read.  I was so excited I couldn't hardly contain myself....

And here he is after being "hooded"  Doesn't he look so happy?  It could be that he just heard his crazy wife yell for him.  I was very tempted to say, "that's my babies daddy!"  But I decided to be more dignified and just yell!  I have waited over 7 years for this day and nothing was going to stand in my way of cheering for him!  I apologized to Chris ahead of time for embarrassing him...  He is use to it by now!  

A picture of the hood from behind, kind of.  It wasn't flat like it should have been, but you get the point!!!

After Chris' name was read my sister took the two oldest kids and my mother took Ashlee up to the hotel room that my parents got us for graduation.  My dad has worked at this hotel for over 25 years so I was excited to see that Chris was graduating there.  After about an hour more of names and a few other talks the graduates were finally able to exit.  

There is my cute husband, an official Doctor of Physical Therapy... 

Happy doesn't even begin to describe my emotions.  Ecstatic comes close but not close enough.  After everyone exited we were able to go to the next room and take pictures.  We called my sister and Mom and they brought the kids back down for pictures!

Before they came down I got my pictures taken with the cutest PT I have ever seen!!!  

Chris became very good friends with a classmate, Whit!  We all did.  So we took a couples picture...

Then the kids came.  Yay Daddy!!!

Those are some proud parents, don't you think!!??

And here are the Nelsons that were able to make it!

Daddy with all of his kids!  

And here is our new Family Picture.  (Side note: Doesn't Ashlee look thrilled to be there?)

Some proud in-laws as well....

Here were the Blackburns that were able to be there!  

While trying to get a picture of Chris with his siblings my dad was being his usual self in the background...  I know Chris was excited to call him his father-in-law!!!  

Here is a good one with no human hawk in the background!!

I thought I'd try the cap on too, I think it looked pretty good on me...  Maybe one day...  I doubt it will be that fancy of a cap, I'll settle for just a regular Bachelors cap...

I know one day Ethan will be wearing a cap like this....

Here is a picture of just the graduate...  So happy!!!

And here is a picture of my dad getting Chris' dad to participate in picture ruining...

And then my dad tried on the cap...Ashlee just wanted to pay with the cap.

She looks good with it on, but wasn't happy to have it on..

After the ceremony we had everyone come up to the room and we had a luncheon.  It was nothing difficult and the room was big enough that we all had plenty of room.  Uncle Matt and Maddy joined us later as well as Aunt RaNae and Uncle Jim.  

Chris was blessed to have gifts to open, so the kids helped him out with that job!

Chris got an iPad, or as Katelee said, "we have an iPad now!"  We do everything as a family!!

One of the rooms in our suit had a nice Jacuzzi that the kids LOVED!!!!

After everyone went home for the night we stayed up with the kids a little longer and then went to bed.  We got to stay the night and that was fun.  

The last three years have been years I hope to never forget.  The struggles that have made us stronger, the nights of going to sleep by myself because Chris was up studying, the crazy school schedules and the summers off....  A lot has happened in the last three years.  We have been humbled multiple times by the love and support that we have received from family and friends.  There have been times during the last three years when I felt like all I needed was someone to understand how it felt to have a husband in school...  And then someone would call and make me realize that there were a lot of people that knew exactly how I felt.  We have been so blessed, so blessed that I can't even begin to express my gratitude to everyone....  Please know that if you have talked to me, smiled at me or hugged me in the past three years you have been mentioned in my prayers of Thanksgiving!  Chris and I could not have made it all this way without each and everyone one of our family members and friends.  Support has come in the way of financial, material, love, spiritual and emotional ways.  We will work the rest of our lives to repay that debt to each of you.  Thanks for getting us this far....

Now to Chris, Thanks for staying awake in class long enough to get the information you needed to pass your tests.  Thanks for hanging in there, even when it got to be too much.  Thanks for still being a full time father and a husband while you were also a Full time student.  Thanks for making it babe, thanks for letting me cheer you on and thanks for cheering me on as well.  I love you and am so proud of you!   


Get Hooked said...

How incredible awesome! congrats to the both of you. Good luck. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for you and your cute family.

Maynor Moments said...

Congrats Chris! So awesome, now for the next chapter of your life!

Heidi said...

Congrats!! All the sacrifices and struggles will now have made you all stronger and you will appreciate what you have more!! Good luck to you guys with your new adventures!!