Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick House

We have had a pretty fun week or two... The night of Ashlee's Birthday she woke up around three am with a burning hot fever. Even her poor little hands were steaming. This happened for another three nights. I finally decided it had been long enough, plus she was getting a little cough, so Chris took her to the Dr. He gave her a breathing treatment and said he thought it could be RSV. He took a culture or something and said we would get the results back in 4-5 days to find out for sure... Her fever lasted until around Wednesday or Thursday, almost six whole days later. She has been pretty pathetic, sleeping horribly and thinking we needed to be holding her all night long. It was hard to put her to bed when she would just lay there in your arms. She is finally on the mend. But we made a huge accomplishment in the Nelson household. This was Ashlee's first sick appointment EVER. That is amazing for our kids. Ethan had already been to three different specialist by the time he was seven months old... Way to go Ashlee!!!

It would not be a household if someone else didn't get sick and so Ethan decided to get sick too! He wasn't feeling well and whenever he gets a little sick his asthma flares up and he ends up getting really sick. Last night he was coughing so much that he threw up just a little bit.
So needless to say it's been fun in our house the last couple of weeks.

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