Monday, February 13, 2012

The Newest Bike Rider is...

Chris has been home with the kids the last two weeks and this always means a lot of time outside. The kids love when Daddy is home because they get to play out back and ride bikes out front a whole bunch. Lately we have been talking about taking the training wheels off of Ethan's bike. He has had his bike for some time now and he LOVES to ride around and play. Friday I took the day off to spend with the family on Chris' last day off for 12 weeks. We had some fun hanging out and after naps we went out to ride bikes. Chris and I decided that today was the day to take off the training wheels. So while Chris was taking them off we had a short talk with Ethan. We told him that it was OK if he didn't make it today. It was tough to ride a bike by yourself and encouraged him that it was all about trying and trying again. (Looking back I guess it wasn't the best pep talk, I just didn't want him to feel like he failed if he didn't get it.) So Chris got him started and off he went. Chris had to keep running to catch up. Ethan was a PRO!! He never tilted and even stood up to pedal. At one point he looks over at his dad and pedals faster to get away from him. Can you say PROUD PARENT MOMENT? Chris ran by him for like two runs and then Ethan was on his own. He had no problems with the turns or anything. After a little bit he started riding with one hand off... Showing off for us. By the next day he was going off the curb like he use to always do with training wheels. He had plenty of encouragement from me. I say try it and if you don't make it, try again! I told him he could do anything he did before with training wheels. He tried to go through the rocks and fell over. He yelled at me, "see Mom, I told you I couldn't do it!" I laughed and said, "yeah well if you're gonna go that slow you are never gonna get through the rocks. You never went that slow through the rocks before!!" He got up and just kept riding. It's amazing how in a matter of seconds he took to it like a pro. I know he isn't the youngest rider in history, but he sure is awesome to me!

Ethan you totally rocked it on that bike. I hope you enjoyed doing it as much as I loved watching you!!!

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Get Hooked said...

Way to go Ethan. My pep talks were very similar with my girls. You just have to keep trying. Love moments like that. Enjoy them and remember them.